netCommons aspires to study, support and further promote an emerging trend, community-based networking and communication services that can offer a complement, or even a sustainable
alternative, to the global Internet’s current dominant model. Community networks not only provide citizens with access to a neutral, bottom-up network infrastructure, which naturally increases the

Wireless Community Networks: A Novel Techno-Legal Approach

A multi-disciplinary effort to study the legal implications of the use and the mis-use of a WCN and to produce technical countermeasures applicable in the loosely-organized social environment of a WCN in order to strengthen the legal position of the people in the community when a user of the network misbehaves. Financed by the University of Trento via a an internal competitive call

The "No cat community project"

A project financed by the Caritro foundation to perform a multi-disciplinary study on wireless community networks. It involved the Law department of our university, and the sociology department of the university of Padua.

OSPS: Open Source P2P Streaming

The goal of the OSPS experiment is demonstrating that Community Networks can support advanced multimedia services such as real-time video and TV distribution. The study of efficient video streaming techniques on Community Networks is not only a challenging and timely research topic but its result will also leave to the community a new service to increase the value of the network and better serve the community.