Advanced Networking Systems Group

The Advanced Networking Systems is a research group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, part of the “Systems and Networks” research program. The focus of the research group, coordinated by Prof. Renato Lo Cigno, are computer and communication networks in all their flavors, application areas and inter-disciplinary connections. Networks are at the heart of modern, distributed computer science and communication engineering. Apart from the obvious observation that the Internet is the communication network today, and it is the driving force of the digital revolution, all aspects of modern economy spin around the transfer and manipulation of information, from Social Networks to Industry 4.0, to Intelligent Transport Systems, the Internet of Things and almost whatever keyword that pops up in newspapers and TV shows … well TV sits on top of a distribution networks!

The group works with theoretic, experimental, and simulation methodologies, applying them to different technological and application areas. We work (or have worked) in wireless networks, optical networks, networks controlled systems, overlay systems, Peer-to-Peer distribution, LAN and WAN systems, networks performance and management, and many other sectors. The three broad topics that absorb most of our attention today are Wireless Mesh and Community Networks, Live P2P Streaming, and Cooperative Driving, all of them sort of “curiosity driven” seeking fundamental results and advances, but with strong and economically important downfalls, and also a bit of ethics in them: Technology for the benefit of people and society and not for their exploitation.