From 11/15/2009 to 12/14/2009


09:46 PM Revision ac75d7cf (mininet): Inadvertently added verbosity into Node.setIP(); removed.
Bob Lantz
09:38 PM Revision fb7658c8 (mininet): Since execing controller/ofprotocol was broken, reverting to just ru...
This should eliminate ofprotocol bogons living on past the end of a test. Bob Lantz
09:22 PM Revision 98332cb6 (mininet): Tweaks to documentation files and sshd and xterms examples.
Added scratchnetuser. Bob Lantz
08:43 PM Revision 433503cf (mininet): Added "from scratch" examples, to show how to create a network using
low-level primitives.
The "" example attempts to use nox as a controller rather than
More edit...
Bob Lantz


12:47 PM Revision 0608b593 (mininet): Add notes on installing NOX on Deb testing.
Brandon Heller
10:54 AM Revision ea7c8795 (mininet): Ensure netns is in the path.
Brandon Heller


05:21 PM Revision 55dd9368 (mininet): Cleanup of doc files.
Fixed (and cleanup) to clean up screen sessions.
Cleaned up (though interface is still in flux.)
Bob Lantz
02:17 PM Revision 08cef003 (mininet): Changed cleanup to vaporize zombie screen sessions.
Other minor cleanup. Bob Lantz
12:25 PM Revision f4d9e05d (mininet): Fixed treePing64.
Minor tweaks to other files. Bob Lantz
12:01 PM Revision 2a0cad3c (mininet): Renamed and tweaked treePing64.
Bob Lantz
11:58 AM Revision b3dd44d4 (mininet): Fixed bigTreePing64.
More edits for INSTALL and README files.
Batteries still not included (for the moment.) ;-)
Bob Lantz
11:33 AM Revision 3da2b148 (mininet): Place 'root namespace' in xterm title to make it clearer that
the node is running in the root namespace. Bob Lantz
11:31 AM Revision d8ef79df (mininet): Tweaks for install and readme files.
Bob Lantz
11:22 AM Revision af8f0b61 (mininet): Added INSTALL file incorporating Brandon's suggestions.
More tweaks for examples, which are still in progress. Bob Lantz
10:34 AM Revision 42ba5d92 (mininet): Added sshd example, which starts up sshd on each host, allowing host...
(It also adds a route from the root namespace to the data network via
the first OpenFlow switch, so when you ssh in y...
Bob Lantz
07:39 AM Revision 748e35d5 (mininet): Working on examples.
Added new example to create xterms.
Other minor changes.
Bob Lantz


09:47 AM Revision 4ccc7ee9 (mininet): Added examples, which may or may not work yet.
Bob Lantz
08:21 AM Revision 95d9a374 (mininet): Added README.
Modified cleanup to use dpctl to remove kernel datapaths. Bob Lantz
07:24 AM Revision 994c68f6 (mininet): Modified test infrastructure to return results.
Ping and iperf tests now return something possibly useful. Bob Lantz
06:13 AM Revision 9011e0d2 (mininet): Fixed user datapath support.
Bob Lantz
05:59 AM Revision 6bd22292 (mininet): Added checks for tun and ofdatapath kernel modules.
Bob Lantz
05:13 AM Revision eddef947 (mininet): Organized routines into classes:
Node -> { Host, Switch, Controller }
Network -> { TreeNet, GridNet -> LinearNet }
Modified cleanup to clean up kerne...
Bob Lantz


02:08 AM Revision 98d4f189 (mininet): Initial commit - first development version of Mininet
Bob Lantz

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