From 12/20/2009 to 01/18/2010


12:40 AM Revision 3031d31e (mininet): Add ability to read custom Mininets
Brandon Heller


05:12 AM Revision 1b6a9c3a (mininet): Add missing pylint settings file
Brandon Heller
05:11 AM Revision f7c2df25 (mininet): Support OpenVSwitch in kernel-mode
Brandon Heller
01:59 AM Revision 723d068c (mininet): Add static code checking for style and errors
This required a change to logging, which now uses a singleton pattern.
For all future checkins, 'make codecheck' sho...
Brandon Heller


08:54 AM Revision ca58c896 (mininet): Restore user-space switch option
Switches and controller in root namespace only, for now. Brandon Heller
05:23 AM Revision d856c818 (mininet): Support out-of-order link addition
Sort interface names before passing to dpctl for kernel switch, so that
links for multipath topologies can be added i...
Brandon Heller


04:53 PM Revision 6d2cd77b (mininet): Add reversed version of the SingleSwitch topology
Possibly useful for adding custom port mappings. Brandon Heller
04:52 PM Revision 80b3dbbd (mininet): CLI: add node dump-all-data command
Brandon Heller
04:40 PM Revision 74ef7615 (mininet): CLI: add interface dump command
Brandon Heller
03:22 PM Revision ee007363 (mininet): Add default ip and port for remote controller
Brandon Heller


05:16 PM Revision 376bcba4 (mininet): Add options for auto MAC and ARP setup.
Auto MAC setup sets each host MAC equal to its DPID, which simplifies
Auto ARP setup removes the need for...
Brandon Heller
11:53 AM Revision 433a7cc8 (mininet): Make Ripcord-specific topologies optional
If ripcord.dctopo imports properly, then include its topologies in the
list of available ones. Also replace ...
Brandon Heller
10:44 AM Revision c98514ae (mininet): Support more topologies
Brandon Heller
10:43 AM Revision ac65ea3f (mininet): Increase createLink retry count
Was seeing occasional errors with tests run back-to-back. Brandon Heller


07:20 PM Revision fcf6a16f (mininet): Remove accidentally-added iperf verbosity
Brandon Heller
06:58 PM Revision 4804237f (mininet): Add more NOX options
Brandon Heller
06:58 PM Revision 1bb4412f (mininet): Separate kernel and user switches into separate objects
Brandon Heller
06:58 PM Revision 16c57ddb (mininet): Enable controller-less setups
Brandon Heller
06:58 PM Revision 8a034f4f (mininet): Add xterm support
Brandon Heller
06:58 PM Revision 0cd489a7 (mininet): Add iperf UDP test
Brandon Heller
06:58 PM Revision eeb9cb3c (mininet): Restore iperf test
Also simplify test running. Brandon Heller
06:55 PM Revision 83086439 (mininet): Remove/merge obsolete examples
Brandon Heller
10:43 AM Revision 8f20b95d (mininet): Auto-install run and clean scripts
Also remove usused imports and outdated doc text. Brandon Heller
10:42 AM Revision a6b47322 (mininet): Add, a script to run Mininets.
Simplifies launching a Mininet or running tests on one. Brandon Heller


11:26 AM Revision 60d9ead6 (mininet): Added a RemoteController object
Now you can run a controller on a remote PC that is
not on the same pc as Mininet.
David Erickson
11:16 AM Revision 54037995 (mininet): Add MAC auto set for switches
Also use indexing for DPIDs to avoid zeroed MAC Brandon Heller


10:25 PM Revision 8b5062a3 (mininet): Move TreeNet to new Mininet API
Also remove all non-object-oriented legacy Mininet code and update
User-space compatibility is untested, but ...
Brandon Heller
03:40 PM Revision e3621eb0 (mininet): Move fixLimits function to util
Brandon Heller


10:19 PM Revision 89bf3103 (mininet): Move Node functions into their own file
Nodes include Switch, Host, and Controller; move these to a separate
This file still could use some attention ...
Brandon Heller
05:46 PM Revision 4d2d52c3 (mininet): Remove unused function
Brandon Heller
05:32 PM Revision 220890a0 (mininet): Move utility functions out of
Having a file with the same name as its package creates hard-to-diagnose
import error, so rename to
Brandon Heller
12:03 PM Revision bc547080 (mininet): Rewrite Ripcord test and most of mininet
Make much of the Mininet code object-oriented around the new Mininet
object, and create a generic way to build a Mini...
Brandon Heller
11:54 AM Revision 75810224 (mininet): Remove verbose command printouts
Brandon Heller
03:21 AM Revision 8e63d3cb (mininet): Add missing newline printouts
Brandon Heller
03:21 AM Revision fabbac88 (mininet): Document retry function
Brandon Heller
03:20 AM Revision 2e52801d (mininet): Fix IP printing exception
Brandon Heller
03:05 AM Revision b426d24e (mininet): Minor documentation
Brandon Heller

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