From 01/07/2010 to 02/05/2010


10:33 AM Revision 80a8fa62 (mininet): First crack at restoring mininet python style, assisted by handy
'unpep8' script, which does most of the work.
- is still in pep8
- not all examples work, but this is due to...
Bob Lantz
07:35 AM Revision bebe9dbe (mininet): First crack at restoring Mininet style (via handy 'unpep8' script, w...
does most of the work.) is still in pep8, however
Bob Lantz
07:13 AM Revision 46fa564a (mininet): Changed to ignore W0511, which fails on TODO, FIXME, etc..
We may wish to re-enable this later. Bob Lantz


11:38 PM Revision 0df8b195 (mininet): Renamed ->
Updated other files accordingly. Bob Lantz
11:29 PM Revision ac9554d6 (mininet): Renamed -> mn, -> mnclean; updated Makefle
It's possible that mn_clean is a bit easier to read; mnclean may be easier
to type, however.
Added variables to Make...
Bob Lantz
11:06 PM Revision 799242c6 (mininet): Fixed undefined variable 'custom' in setup().
Bob Lantz


02:58 PM Revision f52edfc5 (mininet): Move sysctl params to separate file
Simplifies installation step Brandon Heller


10:46 AM Revision befa1310 (mininet): Revamp custom topology input
Defining custom topologies, switch types, controllers, and hosts is now
much easier. Plus, all Ripcord-specific stuf...
Brandon Heller
02:49 AM Revision 3774f234 (mininet): Update license and add networkx dependency
Brandon Heller


10:42 PM Revision 114dcd56 (mininet): Improve CLI line editing capabilities
Convert CLI to use Python Cmd object, which provides line editing. Brandon Heller
09:29 PM Revision 83097ff9 (mininet): Fix errors from style changes
Brandon Heller


06:45 AM Revision 8f99421e (mininet): Fix setuptools installation
The packages argument was incorrectly specified, leading to an install
process that would appear to have succeeded, b...
Brandon Heller


11:27 PM Revision 8e8081c4 (mininet): Add VL2 reduced topology
Brandon Heller


12:40 AM Revision 3031d31e (mininet): Add ability to read custom Mininets
Brandon Heller


05:12 AM Revision 1b6a9c3a (mininet): Add missing pylint settings file
Brandon Heller
05:11 AM Revision f7c2df25 (mininet): Support OpenVSwitch in kernel-mode
Brandon Heller
01:59 AM Revision 723d068c (mininet): Add static code checking for style and errors
This required a change to logging, which now uses a singleton pattern.
For all future checkins, 'make codecheck' sho...
Brandon Heller


08:54 AM Revision ca58c896 (mininet): Restore user-space switch option
Switches and controller in root namespace only, for now. Brandon Heller
05:23 AM Revision d856c818 (mininet): Support out-of-order link addition
Sort interface names before passing to dpctl for kernel switch, so that
links for multipath topologies can be added i...
Brandon Heller

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