From 07/08/2010 to 08/06/2010


05:39 PM Revision e9d4482e (mininet): Set default switch type to OVS
Brandon Heller
05:38 PM Revision d26abda4 (mininet): Small OVS API change
Brandon Heller
05:34 PM Revision 81d27b3c (mininet): Fix --mac breakage
The OVS interface for this moved to ovs-openflowd.
This functionality was never there for the user-space switch. No...
Brandon Heller
08:15 AM Revision 72ddde86 (mininet): vm: Remove SSH keychain load-on-boot script
Brandon Heller
07:44 AM Revision cd19cf52 (mininet): vm: Forgot to run
Brandon Heller
07:36 AM Revision a434c3d1 (mininet): vm: Use OVS git release
OVS1.0.1 does not work with veth pairs. Brandon Heller


11:56 PM Revision 6aa7f349 (mininet): Add missing dep for cbench
Brandon Heller
04:56 AM Revision 32b122bf (mininet): Update VM install for 1.0
Remove all OpenFlow Ref kmod stuff. Brandon Heller

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