From 02/23/2013 to 03/24/2013


11:14 PM Revision c771b2d7 (mininet): Add source node option to moveIntf() (note: low-level API!!)
In the future we may wish to enable moving interfaces across
nodes which are not in the root NS, and this would provi...
Bob Lantz
10:58 PM Revision 477e84ad (mininet): More code check nits.
Bob Lantz
09:48 PM Revision 3482d941 (mininet): Fix code check.
Bob Lantz


01:38 AM Revision 1bf1a4d5 (mininet): Tag node bash processes and add attach script
Try invoking bash processes with -s mininet:host,
for easy identification of hosts. This enables
easy attachment usin...
Bob Lantz


10:48 PM Revision a0f69d98 (mininet): Change makeTerm() to tunnel X11 using socat if needed
For local display, allow local root access
For remote display, tunnel with socat/mnexec
This should enable *wireshark...
Bob Lantz


11:44 PM Revision 4b8b4b73 (mininet): Clean up options and fix of13 to use sudo for netbee
Bob Lantz
11:08 PM Revision 5b14cc29 (mininet): Add options to install OpenFlow 1.3 switch and compatible NOX contro...
Signed-off-by: Bob Lantz <> ederlf
09:38 PM Revision eca5a151 (mininet): Fix usage message to note correct options and OS compatibility.
closes #85 Bob Lantz
09:12 PM Revision 4efd3722 (mininet): Merge pull request #116 from yamahata/install-test-mar-2013
tools/ catch up oftest change
Looks fine to me.


01:40 AM Revision 356e9d8a (mininet): tools/ update oftest
Since oftest removed tools/munger directory, fails as follows
> mininet/util/ line 399: cd: too...
Isaku Yamahata


11:18 PM Revision 8838c30e (mininet): Remove non-functional --prefixlen (use --ipbase instead)
Bob Lantz
11:16 PM Revision 8204a1b6 (mininet): fix --ipbase: fix ipAdd() and remove unused default from ipStr()
Bob Lantz


02:28 AM Revision bd558875 (mininet): Add net['h1'] and for node in net support
thanks to Brian O'Connor for reminder + suggestion
closes #114
Bob Lantz


01:54 AM Revision 898efb69 (mininet): Added markdown formatting to examples readme
Ryan Cox


01:26 AM Revision 31fe4f1b (mininet): Fix pmonitor() to not return blank lines on EOF
fixes #109 (hopefully) Bob Lantz
12:55 AM Revision dcb3036b (mininet): Change to use addLink() interface for symmetry/consistency.
Bob Lantz
12:06 AM Revision 9734d9d7 (mininet): Add configuration to disable IPv6, since old method no longer works.
fixes #108 Bob Lantz


03:14 AM Revision 23c70f60 (mininet): Add px command which uses exec() vs. py's eval()
This is necessary since exec() isn't really a function, and
eval can't evaluate statements.
fixes #104
Bob Lantz
01:59 AM Revision f0181372 (mininet): Updated to reflect new and old
Bob Lantz
01:56 AM Revision ad09c1e0 (mininet): Add new example of making a custom Switch() class.
Bob Lantz
01:55 AM Revision 31e1ff71 (mininet): Rename to since it's less convenient.
Bob Lantz
01:40 AM Revision 8b8bb375 (mininet): Remove unnecessary addHost() function, and clarify things a bit.
Fixes #102 Bob Lantz

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