From 04/23/2013 to 05/22/2013


11:02 PM Revision 83e43a42 (mininet): Merge pull request #135 from adferguson/adf-vm-script-fix
tiny fix to vm script Bob
10:40 PM Revision 2485d57f (mininet): Edits to pass code check and make style consistent.
Bob Lantz
10:24 PM Revision 65c35b65 (mininet): Remove networkx dependency
closes #100
10:06 PM Revision 1ea5c91f (mininet): Update host's IP address during name-IP substitution
fixes #139 Bob Lantz
10:03 PM Revision 76c5b9d0 (mininet): Add ovs-controller to shutdown list
Bob Lantz


09:04 PM Revision 229f112f (mininet): Change OVSSwitch.dpctl() to call ovs-ofctl
This should fix the problem of dump-flows not showing the OpenFlow
flow table flows and only showing cached kernel fl...
Bob Lantz


01:01 AM Revision b6a10843 (mininet): Don't use mnexec if we're not attaching to a cgroup.
Bob Lantz


09:48 PM Revision 93085f1c (mininet): Clean up shutdown messages, and remove stale namespaces
Note that we can't actually use ip netns del to remove the namespaces
untill ALL of the processes are gone, necessita...
Bob Lantz
09:47 PM Revision f69664cd (mininet): Remove redundant intf delete, and try (!) to delete netns
Bob Lantz
09:46 PM Revision 1e41c834 (mininet): Change to use ip netns exec
Bob Lantz
09:46 PM Revision 99f08f98 (mininet): Look for mininet: and print error rather than exception
Bob Lantz
05:11 PM Revision fae43659 (mininet): actually, drop comment as per Bob Lantz
Andrew Ferguson
12:24 AM Revision 947337c1 (mininet): Let Mininet() explicitly delete links.
Bob Lantz


09:30 PM Revision 0a176439 (mininet): More robust bash and namespace cleanup
Bob Lantz
05:22 PM Revision e7f45ca9 (mininet): tiny fix to vm script
Andrew Ferguson
01:44 AM Revision 0de8d946 (mininet): Basic support for using ip netns for mnexec and link creation
Bob Lantz

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