From 05/21/2013 to 06/19/2013


11:58 PM Revision 8f113b48 (mininet): vm_cleanup: add apt-get autoremove, and zero disk blocks
Bob Lantz
11:32 PM Revision 949e0b3a (mininet): Separate VM finalization as -tc
Bob Lantz
07:22 PM Revision 448ac9dc (mininet): Merge pull request #150 from MurphyMc/ovs_fast_reconnect
node: Make OVS switches reconnect quickly Bob


12:09 AM Revision dd21df3c (mininet): Don't flush ALL routes and enable OPTIONAL default route/gw
fixes #152 hopefully Bob Lantz


09:57 PM Revision 3484389d (mininet): Add NAT script to examples.
Bob Lantz


01:35 AM Revision ace09779 (mininet): Merge pull request #149 from MurphyMc/ovs_userspace_v2
node: Allow OVSSwitch to run in userspace mode Bob


11:28 PM Revision 3df07feb (mininet): node: Make OVS switches reconnect quickly
Ordinarily, OVS switches back off when they can't reach their controllers.
Under the type of scenarios where Mininet ...
Murphy McCauley
11:23 PM Revision 153d598d (mininet): node: Allow OVSSwitch to run in userspace mode
This adds a datapath parameter to OVSSwitch which allows one to tell OVS to
run in userspace mode rather than kernel ...
Murphy McCauley
11:18 PM Revision a22e2618 (mininet): topo: Add host count param to LinearTopo
Previously, LinearTopo took one parameter (k), which controlled the number
of switches; each of these got one host. ...
Murphy McCauley


06:53 AM Revision 3582facd (mininet): Use newer Netbee location for OF1.3 install
The previous version (12-05-16) does not compile on Ubuntu 12.10.
Also use a local variable to reduce duplication.
Brandon Heller


12:10 AM Revision 2a079911 (mininet): Clarify and add RemoteController
Bob Lantz


10:37 PM Revision 5fae96eb (mininet): Change to only split once so that cargs='--foo=1 --bar=2' works.
fixes #144 Bob Lantz


05:10 AM Revision e3d07bc1 (mininet): Add 'x' command to open an X11 tunnel (and run a client)
fixes #142 Bob Lantz


10:38 PM Revision f53866d0 (mininet): Merge pull request #140 from fasaxc/patch-1
Fix method name mismatch for setDefaultRoute.
This seems to be logically correct according to the intention of the co...
08:31 PM Revision e5754ae9 (mininet): Fix method name mismatch for setDefaultRoute.
Shaun Crampton
01:04 AM Revision 294bbad4 (mininet): Display usage information if there are extra arguments
Fixes #130 Bob Lantz


11:02 PM Revision 83e43a42 (mininet): Merge pull request #135 from adferguson/adf-vm-script-fix
tiny fix to vm script Bob
10:40 PM Revision 2485d57f (mininet): Edits to pass code check and make style consistent.
Bob Lantz
10:24 PM Revision 65c35b65 (mininet): Remove networkx dependency
closes #100
10:06 PM Revision 1ea5c91f (mininet): Update host's IP address during name-IP substitution
fixes #139 Bob Lantz
10:03 PM Revision 76c5b9d0 (mininet): Add ovs-controller to shutdown list
Bob Lantz

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