From 06/24/2013 to 07/23/2013


05:14 AM Revision 1e4e8b70 (mininet): Merge pull request #174 from pantuza/master
Dynamic Network with Remote Controller example; Extended LinearTopo Brian O'Connor


07:53 PM Revision e45cc16a (mininet): Merge pull request #1 from bocon13/master
Simplified and refactored examples/ Gustavo Pantuza Coelho Pinto


11:17 PM Revision c26b4525 (mininet): Moving developer dependencies to separate function in
Developer dependencies are ~1GB Brian O'Connor
11:07 PM Revision ea29d2b2 (mininet): Merge pull request #171 from vitalivanov/dev
Cleanup and cosmetic changes. Brian O'Connor
11:04 PM Revision 5559a93d (mininet): Merge pull request #170 from piyushs/cgroup-fix
Fix issue with mountCgroups not recognizing mounted cgroup Brian O'Connor
10:56 PM Revision 92112315 (mininet): Simplified and refactored examples/
Extended LinearTopo to support mulitple hosts per switch Brian O'Connor
08:55 PM Revision 2a1f2d59 (mininet): Merge pull request #175 from daviderickson/extensibility
Extensibility Improvements Brandon Heller
05:32 PM Revision 3e70b01e (mininet): Enable OF 1.3 switch revision choice
David Erickson
05:29 PM Revision b5552773 (mininet): Enable OF dissector revision choice
David Erickson
01:42 AM Revision bf97d21c (mininet): Added to README file of the examples
Gustavo Pantuza Coelho Pinto
01:34 AM Revision c5549879 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
Gustavo Pantuza Coelho Pinto
01:32 AM Revision 6f09dedf (mininet): Dynamic network creation using a remote controller
The script builds a network topology based on command line
arguments and uses a remote controller
Gustavo Pantuza Coelho Pinto
12:50 AM Revision 0a543602 (mininet): IVSSwitch: support running IVS in a namespace
This change uses the `Node.cmd` method instead of `Popen`. The `cmd` method
sends the input to a shell which may be i...
Rich Lane


08:50 PM Revision 5c242637 (mininet): clean: send SIGTERM before SIGKILL
IVS needs to be sent SIGTERM so it has a chance to clean up the kernel
Rich Lane


12:20 PM Revision 5b609ef9 (mininet): Adding mininet doxygen installation dependencies.
Right now after installing mininet using util/ there is a problem when try to generate doc:
make doc
Vitaliy Ivanov
10:17 AM Revision 36bf8ac9 (mininet): mnexec.c: substituting tabs with spaces.
Vitaliy Ivanov
10:17 AM Revision efe3877e (mininet): Fixed url in
s/http:\/\/\/mininet/http:\/\/ Vitaliy Ivanov


08:31 PM Revision 433ca2ec (mininet): Fix issue with mountCgroups not recognizing mounted cgroup
Changed mountCgroups to use the file /proc/mounts (instead of the
current case where it uses the less reliable
Piyush Srivastava


06:30 PM Revision fec98e27 (mininet): Added output line to ping that is closer to ping program output
Brian O'Connor
06:17 PM Revision c188bee3 (mininet): Fixed divide by 0 error in ping command when no packets are sent
fixes #143 Brian O'Connor


06:19 PM Revision 0e2cc609 (mininet): tests: run all tests with OVS, IVS, and userspace switches
Each switch gets its own class so that the test results are listed separately. Rich Lane
02:23 AM Revision adf391fd (mininet): Fixed script to allow Mininet to be installed from any di...
Fixes #94 Brian O'Connor


11:34 PM Revision 5d529edf (mininet): Removing unused import in mininet/
Brian O'Connor
11:30 PM Revision 59eeeadb (mininet): Style changes in mininet/ and removing used import in mininet...
Brian O'Connor
10:49 PM Revision 7265e2e8 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
Brian O'Connor
10:48 PM Revision 5c019d2a (mininet): CPULimitedHost cleanup() calls superclass method
fixes #161 Brian O'Connor
09:34 PM Revision 679a3f19 (mininet): Don't stop data network controllers twice.
Bob Lantz
03:36 PM Revision 60abb344 (mininet): clean: kill ivs processes
Rich Lane
03:34 PM Revision 94ff77f2 (mininet): clean: don't wait forever for ovsdb
This could happen if OVS was installed but not running. Rich Lane


09:14 PM Revision e2eb95a2 (mininet): Add $ to avoid h1 matching h10
Bob Lantz


02:27 AM Revision 10be691b (mininet): Clean up intfs in root NS, and avoid deleting HW intfs
It appears that under certain conditions, such as when a
namespace exits, both ends of a veth pair may get dumped
Bob Lantz
01:38 AM Revision 703c6b10 (mininet): Clean up makeIntfPair to prepare for pid namespaces, chroot
Bob Lantz


07:45 AM Revision fcdb6d8a (mininet): Remove unneeded line.
Bob Lantz
07:41 AM Revision 32502bbd (mininet): Add example.
Bob Lantz


11:05 PM Revision 71ffb002 (mininet): IVSSwitch: remove namespace warnings
IVS works fine using --innamespace. Rich Lane


01:11 AM Revision 803c0a6e (mininet): IVSSwitch: use ovs-ofctl for dpctl functionality
Rich Lane


10:01 PM Revision 8ee4aa6d (mininet): add support for IVS
Rich Lane
12:56 AM Revision 91261b27 (mininet): IVSSwitch: add support for dpctl
dpctl is not included with IVS. The user will need to obtain it from the
OpenFlow reference repository.
Rich Lane


09:50 PM Revision 812c91cc (mininet): test_hifi: use SWITCH to pick the switch class
Rich Lane
09:50 PM Revision 27da832d (mininet): add support for the IVS virtual switch
IVS is an open source virtual switch available for download at It uses the openvsw...
Rich Lane


01:21 PM Revision aa554d98 (mininet): Workaround: add default dpopts='--no-slicing' to UserSwitch
This disables slicing by default but fixes bandwidth limits.
Eventually we want to enable both to work together, but ...
Bob Lantz
01:14 PM Revision 804c4bbf (mininet): Workaround: add dpopts to UserSwitch
Currently, slicing on the user switch breaks bandwidth limits.
We don't yet have a good way of using both of them at ...
Bob Lantz
12:00 PM Revision 1a658054 (mininet): Ensure dpid is a valid hex string in OVSSwitch
Bob Lantz
03:26 AM Revision 33e39a24 (mininet): Fix some pylint messages.
Bob Lantz
03:16 AM Revision 538a856c (mininet): Add Switch.connected() and OVSSwitch.controllerUUIDs()
Bob Lantz
02:39 AM Revision 877e7efb (mininet): Minor comment change and text change.
Bob Lantz
02:31 AM Revision bdd43bea (mininet): Clean up (and fix) OVSSwitch fast reconnect
Bob Lantz


11:35 PM Revision 307d60a0 (mininet): Replace /etc/hostname entirely; clarify sources.list edit
Bob Lantz
07:51 PM Revision 12758046 (mininet): Fix setDefaultRoute to work with passed parameters.
Bob Lantz
07:06 AM Revision 9aaf87c1 (mininet): Fix typo.
07:04 AM Revision 400bbbac (mininet): Update archive for 13.04


08:34 PM Revision 226eae97 (mininet): Add script completion message

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