From 07/20/2013 to 08/18/2013


06:16 PM Revision 32de4c9e (mininet): reverted iperf output and fixed regex
Brian O'Connor
02:06 AM Revision f0c123d4 (mininet): fixing graph parser
Brian O'Connor
01:54 AM Revision 8c22fe84 (mininet): fixed iperf output parsing, changed to csv format
fixes #191 Brian O'Connor
01:22 AM Revision 9ff453a5 (mininet): Changed iperf -sD to iperf -s &
fixes #190 Brian O'Connor


12:30 AM Revision 4e6b03d6 (mininet): Merge pull request #188 from mininet/devel/fixlimits
Set sysctl limits when net starts Brian O'Connor
12:29 AM Revision b635fd9e (mininet): Some cleanup and style fixes for fixlimits
Brian O'Connor
12:24 AM Revision a3879524 (mininet): fixed host ip assignment and shutdown with xterms
fixes #189 Brian O'Connor


10:04 PM Revision 867a6d67 (mininet): Cleaned up sysctl and rlimit test and set
Use files instead of sysctl to set limits Brian O'Connor


11:22 PM Revision b20c9470 (mininet): add sysctl test and set
fixes #184 Brian O'Connor
09:03 PM Revision 7523c420 (mininet): Merge pull request #186 from mininet/devel/clifix
Replaced nodelist and nodemap in CLI with mn Brian O'Connor


12:10 AM Revision 98cb3359 (mininet): fixed comment in
Brian O'Connor
12:07 AM Revision 9281719d (mininet): Made net compliant with dict semantics and added function comments
Fixed locals bug (now they are persisent across calls) Brian O'Connor


07:20 PM Revision 8e04a9f8 (mininet): Replaced nodelist and nodemap in CLI with mn
Updated Mininet to be more compliant with dict
Fixes #182
Brian O'Connor


10:16 PM Revision 6df4371d (mininet): Removing test prints from user switch merge
Brian O'Connor
10:13 PM Revision be13072f (mininet): Merge branch 'adf-userswitch-tclink' of
Only sleep and reapply if slicing is enabled
Brian O'Connor
01:13 AM Revision 989df745 (mininet): Merge branch 'patches/examplesdoc' of int...
Brian O'Connor


09:00 PM Revision 7e87dbaa (mininet): Fixed modprobe install. Checks to ensure that OVS_KMODS is set
Brian O'Connor


08:36 PM Revision 1e5cdfd8 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
Brian O'Connor
08:35 PM Revision bb0006b6 (mininet): Merging MurphyMc LinearTopo pull request
Brian O'Connor


01:20 AM Revision 786117dd (mininet): Merge branch 'ivs' of into rlane-ivs
fixes #159
Bob Lantz


01:31 AM Revision 43ba774e (mininet): Merge pull request #181 from mininet/devel/ping
pingall now reports fraction received Brian O'Connor
01:28 AM Revision f7439671 (mininet): pingall now reports fraction received
fixes #168 Brian O'Connor
01:15 AM Revision 48df51aa (mininet): Merge branch 'notrace'
fixes #166 Brian O'Connor
01:12 AM Revision 4a777024 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
Brian O'Connor
01:11 AM Revision 15c1a0e5 (mininet): automatically detects wireshark version and installs corr...
fixes #180 Brian O'Connor


06:52 PM Revision 9c4b7343 (mininet): Fix indentation in LinearTopo()
Bob Lantz
06:51 PM Revision 5b48a7d9 (mininet): Reimplemented and corrected Graph as MultiGraph
fixes #172 Bob Lantz


09:43 PM Revision 4316be95 (mininet): Prevent Mininet from crashing when display not set
fixes #173 Brian O'Connor
08:45 PM Revision 19bc1df1 (mininet): fixed style error
Brian O'Connor
02:27 AM Revision bda2317d (mininet): Catching exceptions thrown in mn
Brian O'Connor


06:01 AM Revision 1f07530a (mininet): Fix break from version overrides missing, + annotate them
D'oh! Next time test presence _and_ absense of an added env var.
OTOH, when people notice this quickly, it means th...
Brandon Heller
12:05 AM Revision d5f57784 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
Brian O'Connor
12:03 AM Revision 1ecc63df (mininet): improved check for downed link in parsePingFull
fixes #176 Brian O'Connor


05:14 AM Revision 1e4e8b70 (mininet): Merge pull request #174 from pantuza/master
Dynamic Network with Remote Controller example; Extended LinearTopo Brian O'Connor


07:53 PM Revision e45cc16a (mininet): Merge pull request #1 from bocon13/master
Simplified and refactored examples/ Gustavo Pantuza Coelho Pinto

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