From 11/15/2013 to 12/14/2013


08:36 PM Revision a6a0cb43 (mininet): Merge pull request #250 from rlane/killpg
kill entire process group in Node.terminate Bob
07:12 PM Revision 2200d8d1 (mininet): node: kill entire process group in terminate
mnexec already puts the shell into its own process group. Killing the entire
process group cleans up after any backgr...
Rich Lane
03:11 PM Revision c34a000e (mininet): Do not resolve addresses


02:38 AM Revision fb51cdac (mininet): adding output file to
Brian O'Connor


11:56 PM Revision 50423936 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
Brian O'Connor
11:38 PM Revision 49994c89 (mininet): adding noneTest to Mininet vm build script
Brian O'Connor
03:24 AM Revision 176870d5 (mininet): 2.1.0p1
Bob Lantz
02:33 AM Revision 17dbc7e0 (mininet): Minor codecheck fixes
Bob Lantz
02:29 AM Revision 312c386c (mininet): Fix regex to support Mininet 20.30.40+++
Bob Lantz
02:08 AM Revision 96952b92 (mininet): 2.1.0 -> 2.1.0+
Bob Lantz


07:19 AM Revision 3e2333e5 (mininet): Correct the comments of do_pingallfull() and do_iperfudp()
Baohua Yang
06:41 AM Revision fc7c919b (mininet): Close the file when done with it.
Baohua Yang


01:30 AM Revision c7e86f93 (mininet): fixing CLI host rewriting when host's default interface does not hav...
Brian O'Connor


06:15 AM Revision 5da93762 (mininet): Depend: add dnsmasq (needed), remove landscape-client (not)
Bob Lantz


01:05 AM Revision 54615659 (mininet): mnexec: mount sysfs in each container
The sysfs filesystem is [tagged][1] with a set of namespaces when mounted, taken
from the mounting process. Among oth...
Rich Lane


09:23 PM Revision bee06cf2 (mininet): Merge pull request #245 from yeasy/master
Fix error wiki url. Bob
06:24 AM Revision cd238fe5 (mininet): Fix error wiki url.
Baohua Yang

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