From 01/31/2014 to 03/01/2014


03:23 AM Revision e6271587 (mininet): Update to Include a fix to work around Mininet version n...
checking with non-numeric characters. Gregory Gee
02:45 AM Revision 2e19ceb0 (mininet): Use a single ovs-vsctl command for speed/atomicity
Bob Lantz
02:45 AM Revision a0bc1002 (mininet): Enable batch shutdown for OVS.
Bob Lantz
02:41 AM Revision 5e60ee26 (mininet): assertTrue( a > b ) -> assertGreater( a, b ) for better messages
Bob Lantz


10:56 PM Revision 7c29c2eb (mininet): Fix IVS build
Bob Lantz


04:15 AM Revision 4b7b23cf (mininet): Change the installation to a separate option as recommended with -V.
This argument expect a parameter which is the version number of OVS you wish to install. -V 2.0.0
Gregory Gee
12:49 AM Revision 2dee3413 (mininet): Remove Ubuntu 10 and Debian Lenny and add Debian Wheezy support
Bob Lantz


02:30 AM Revision 59cbec3f (mininet): Update to
Gregory Gee


08:23 AM Revision 3e2eb713 (mininet): Fix default of in-band control for OVS.
fixes #279 Bob Lantz


01:56 AM Revision 06115a04 (mininet): Add support for batch shutdown of OVS switches.
This saves about 10 seconds for a 200 switch network. Bob Lantz
01:50 AM Revision 9cf9b7b2 (mininet): Clean things up slightly.
Bob Lantz


11:51 PM Revision 1fda4865 (mininet): Try batch deleting OVS instances.
Bob Lantz
11:33 PM Revision f0e55e10 (mininet): Remove mn links with dots in them (e.g. foo_bar-baz1.2-eth0)
Bob Lantz


01:55 AM Revision 74c71bc8 (mininet): Minor tweak of return value.
Bob Lantz
01:52 AM Revision 0b5609f5 (mininet): Check (and canonicalize) dpid arguments to Switch()
This seems slightly ugly, but it has bitten many people.
Closes #268
Bob Lantz

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