From 04/29/2014 to 05/28/2014


09:31 PM Revision 00c3238e (mininet): Merge pull request #310 from rlane/ivs-verbose
IVSSwitch: add an option to control the --verbose flag lantz
09:31 PM Revision e07775c7 (mininet): Merge pull request #309 from rlane/ivs-batch-shutdown
support batch shutdown for IVS lantz
08:46 PM Revision 4579b303 (mininet): conforming to mininet python style
07:56 PM Revision 32d3c2bc (mininet): removing debugging messages
07:42 PM Revision ba43451b (mininet): rearranged code for elegance
06:50 PM Revision f1e42ba5 (mininet): adding ovs version detection to fix port numbering bug


08:06 PM Revision 163a66c6 (mininet): IVSSwitch: add an option to control the --verbose flag
Rich Lane
07:36 PM Revision 876e66e5 (mininet): net: allow batch shutdown of multiple types of switches
Each switch class will be called to shutdown its own instances. Rich Lane
07:22 PM Revision 93cd5583 (mininet): IVSSwitch: support batch shutdown
Not a single command like the OVS one, but it still greatly decreases the
shutdown time.
This does assume that stop(...
Rich Lane


08:31 PM Revision 5797f585 (mininet): Merge pull request #303 from jhall11/pingall
Add a timeout parameter to the pingAll command lantz
08:29 PM Revision 15d2d769 (mininet): Merge pull request #305 from ggee/ovsssl
OVS switch connect to controllers using protocols other than TCP like SSL. lantz


08:21 PM Revision 5cb4a542 (mininet): Add ability for for OVS switch start connect to controllers using pr...
net.addController( 'c0', protocol='ssl' )
This now allows OVS to connect to a controller using SSL. The default of ...
Gregory Gee

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