From 06/02/2014 to 07/01/2014


09:51 PM Revision 40a4a25d (mininet): use a single mininet instance in bindpy
Cody Burkard
08:32 PM Revision 25979e71 (mininet): Merge pull request #317 from cdburkard/patches/cleanup
added code to kill stale mininet processes lantz
08:49 AM Revision 82e0e9f3 (mininet): Avoid overhead of another process (env) in startShell()
Bob Lantz


11:41 PM Revision 549f1ebc (mininet): Attach a pty to each node's bash process
This should enable node commands that are expecting a tty to
behave better.
Bob Lantz
08:05 PM Revision 00803bcd (mininet): Whitespace changes in OVSSwitch.
Bob Lantz


04:29 PM Revision af2f67d9 (mininet): added documentation for HostWithPrivateDirs
Cody Burkard


10:49 PM Revision 6b3b3062 (mininet): Allow specification of branch to install
Bob Lantz


06:54 AM Revision 752c2d6e (mininet): mountprivatedirs is no longer needed
Cody Burkard
06:31 AM Revision 3c3344e1 (mininet): imported check_output
Cody Burkard


11:28 PM Revision 68e2e45f (mininet): Merge pull request #316 from cdburkard:patches/fix_remote_ip
fixed netParse bug that caused mininet crash when no ip prefix was specified Brian O'Connor
10:08 PM Revision 6a81b6df (mininet): added persistence option to HostWithPrivateDirs. also attached mount...
Cody Burkard


06:33 AM Revision 4e76439c (mininet): added support in iperf for different result formats. also added uppe...
Cody Burkard
12:39 AM Revision 0d39f110 (mininet): added code to kill stale mininet processes
Cody Burkard


11:17 PM Revision 893cf61c (mininet): Merge pull request #313 from cdburkard/master
ovs port numbering bug fix Brian O'Connor
10:26 AM Revision ebc1eae6 (mininet): Merge branch 'patches/fix_bindpy' of
Cody Burkard
05:15 AM Revision 29e5bee3 (mininet): fixed issue with AssertTrue and skip first test if using old OVS ver...
Cody Burkard
04:50 AM Revision de41192e (mininet): imported warn from mininet.log
Cody Burkard
01:38 AM Revision b3055067 (mininet): fixed netParse bug that caused mininet crash when no ip prefix was s...
Cody Burkard


06:44 PM Revision 91092338 (mininet): Added support for mount namespaces in Also moved it to the ...
Cody Burkard


04:21 AM Revision e49c9d26 (mininet): making ovf generation more generic
Brian O'Connor

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