From 08/14/2014 to 09/12/2014


12:37 PM Revision a0657979 (wcn_emulator): refactor PS parameters passing
Luca Baldesi
08:07 AM Revision b672166b (wcn_emulator): refactor code and created PS test classes
Luca Baldesi


05:30 AM Revision 3df36101 (mininet): adding sanity check for cluster edition
cody burkard


08:59 PM Revision 00cbb348 (mininet): if we do not receive a ping and cannot parse output, return errorTuple
cody burkard


10:44 PM Revision cde6c3aa (mininet): Merge pull request #369 from cdburkard/patches/hifi_multicore
Fix runCpuLimitTest with multiple cores lantz
12:34 PM Revision 8a2e0da7 (wcn_emulator): initial simulator
Luca Baldesi
06:07 AM Revision c265deed (mininet): Cluster edition prototype: remote nodes and links.
We add a new experimental feature to allow Mininet to run across
a cluster of machines. This is currently implemented...
Bob Lantz
04:51 AM Revision 0333d3db (mininet): qcow2size(): use qemu-image instead of file
file no longer returns image size on 14.04
fixes #373
Bob Lantz


07:24 PM Revision 58324bdc (mininet): check if RT_GROUP_SCHED is enabled in kernel
cody burkard
05:46 PM Revision 04c1c098 (mininet): wall clock time makes rt quota independent of nprocs
cody burkard
01:50 PM Revision f2458d1d (mininet): Accept 'ISO' or 'boot' in file *.iso command output
Fixes #372 Bob Lantz
11:21 AM Revision ce781a18 (mininet): use cgroups to calculate percentage of cpu used
cody burkard
09:22 AM Revision b85943dc (mininet): chdir() to correct path after calling chroot()
Since chroot() doesn't chdir() by default, we are left in
an unreachable directory in node.pexec() (and in xterms.)
Bob Lantz


02:34 AM Revision d4ca1db6 (mininet): Merge pull request #364 from cdburkard/patches/testCPULimit
Fix output of backgrounded processes Brian O'Connor
01:47 AM Revision 47d567e5 (mininet): Merge pull request #365 from cdburkard/devel/test_output
print useful output for tests upon failure Brian O'Connor


12:49 AM Revision 05f3fbae (mininet): Merge pull request #362 from mininet/devel/vlanhost
Adding VLANHost to Examples Brian O'Connor
12:49 AM Revision 65e33fed (mininet): Merge pull request #361 from mininet/devel/linuxrouter
Adding LinuxRouter to Examples Brian O'Connor


12:57 PM Revision 6b8d3538 (mininet): adding comment to VLANStarTopo in
Brian O'Connor
09:48 AM Revision d334c1cc (mininet): adding test for and adding vlantopo example
Brian O'Connor
06:07 AM Revision fe8358ad (mininet): chmod +x
Brian O'Connor
05:43 AM Revision 2c76ab71 (mininet): changing name, printing routing table, and some more...
Brian O'Connor
05:01 AM Revision aa4dfda4 (mininet): adding documentation and test for
Brian O'Connor


11:36 PM Revision 66ae58de (mininet): Merge pull request #363 from cdburkard/patches/testLinkDelay
Fix UserSwitch.connected() as well as testLinkDelay() in test_hifi
We need more than one iteration since the first it...
06:07 PM Revision ce167380 (mininet): clean up logic for backgrounded processes
cody burkard
05:55 PM Revision 73adba8b (mininet): print useful output for tests upon failure
cody burkard
03:44 PM Revision c11d5773 (mininet): parse pid printed when backgrounding a process
cody burkard
10:58 AM Revision be1ed103 (mininet): adding
Brian O'Connor
10:57 AM Revision 8a987b9c (mininet): adding
Brian O'Connor
05:34 AM Revision c75ff7ec (mininet): fixes for LinkDelay test in test_hifi
cody burkard
02:59 AM Revision 92075113 (mininet): Merge pull request #342 from cdburkard/devel/startup
improve startup performance, largely by removing unnecessary ifconfigs lantz
02:55 AM Revision 13bdd914 (mininet): Pass rename correctly in moveSwitch()
Bob Lantz
02:55 AM Revision 60b0c7a9 (mininet): Fix version check.
Bob Lantz
02:55 AM Revision 212399fe (mininet): Allow port selection in addIntf() and moveIntf()
Bob Lantz
02:55 AM Revision 08d83d13 (mininet): Rename intfs, and add simple moveHost() function
Bob Lantz
02:55 AM Revision dd6424fe (mininet): Simple mobility example.
Bob Lantz
01:48 AM Revision 720a846c (mininet): use kernel's mac generation
cody burkard


09:09 PM Revision bfdbb708 (mininet): Fall back to chroot() if setns() fails for mnt namespace
fixes #347 Bob Lantz


07:16 PM Revision 16a384ab (mininet): Merge pull request #353 from mininet/devel/nat
Adding NAT class to NodeLib lantz
03:08 AM Revision a3e1a9a4 (mininet): Merge pull request #354 from darshanthaker/link_exception
Raise exception when link incorrectly formatted lantz
03:04 AM Revision 6a69c2f6 (mininet): Merge pull request #356 from cdburkard/patches/stop_controller
fix for controller shutdown - send SIGHUP rather than SIGKILL lantz
03:03 AM Revision db888fa5 (mininet): Merge pull request #348 from ggee/miniedit2109
Update to MiniEdit lantz


06:51 AM Revision c9b844a7 (mininet): added controller.stop() back in
cody burkard
06:24 AM Revision 604ad455 (mininet): kill all child processes to avoid race condition and no controller s...
cody burkard


05:00 AM Revision 8d493b68 (mininet): Update to MiniEdit
- Replace custom code to set OF protocols with new Mininet available API to set. Gregory Gee


09:44 PM Revision c0e7e349 (mininet): Merge pull request #337 from ggee/ovsProtocol
Add parameter to set protocol list in OVSSwitch. lantz
01:41 AM Revision 1a531415 (mininet): Update to MiniEdit
- Updated for new Mininet 2.2.0
- Support TCP or SSL for remote controller
- Support HostWithPrivateDirs Hosts
Gregory Gee


10:38 PM Revision 1285fb22 (mininet): updaing to use 12.04.5 and extract kernel using noload
Brian O'Connor
08:50 PM Revision 4550fff1 (mininet): Raise exception when link incorrectly formatted
Darshan Thaker
08:07 AM Revision 7c4e5b14 (mininet): adding line to
Brian O'Connor
08:07 AM Revision f72d3dfa (mininet): Merge branch 'master' of
cody burkard
07:18 AM Revision e6753975 (mininet): updaing to use 12.04.5 and extract kernel using noload
Brian O'Connor
07:18 AM Revision db0f36f4 (mininet): Fixing Node.monitor() to read entire prompt marker.
Applying @cdburkard fix to #322 Brian O'Connor
07:18 AM Revision 7e9d3f2b (mininet): fix Singleton.__call__ error
fix Singleton.__call__ error lip.z
05:09 AM Revision 4015e066 (mininet): moving NAT to nodelib
Brian O'Connor
05:08 AM Revision cee62eb2 (mininet): adding natnet example test
Brian O'Connor
02:51 AM Revision 735080a8 (mininet): Merge branch 'master' into nat
Brian O'Connor
02:49 AM Revision 161e7997 (mininet): Fixing Node.monitor() to read entire prompt marker.
Applying @cdburkard fix to #322 Brian O'Connor
12:35 AM Revision 417d7978 (mininet): merging master
cody burkard
12:33 AM Revision 41a54f05 (mininet): adding comments and removing random access spaces
cody burkard
12:06 AM Revision 84c1c24c (mininet): skip this because of poor UserSwitch performance
cody burkard

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