From 09/29/2014 to 10/28/2014


11:10 PM Revision 06d9e4bb (mininet): add example and test for multiple links
cody burkard
11:06 PM Revision 38ce329e (mininet): Allow Mininet() to accept multi-link topos w/correct params.
Bob Lantz
11:06 PM Revision 94f088d7 (mininet): Allow natural sort to accept non-strings.
Bob Lantz
10:50 PM Revision 89fb0819 (mininet): First crack at fixing multiple links
* Makes MultiGraph more like networkx.multigraph
* Adds converTo method
* Synchronizes node1 with xxx1 in link options
Bob Lantz
01:20 PM Revision 06127ef6 (wcn_emulator): add network load inspection functions
Luca Baldesi


04:53 PM Revision 77a7e5f6 (wcn_emulator): add times compulsory option
Luca Baldesi


02:37 PM Revision 61d61eab (wcn_emulator): addes -s switch
Leonardo Maccari
01:36 PM Revision 461e26e8 (wcn_emulator): some cleanup of the conf loading functions
Leonardo Maccari


08:42 PM Revision aae0affa (mininet): Merge pull request #411 from cdburkard/devel/cli_usage
add cli usage information lantz
08:36 PM Revision 8190e81b (mininet): Merge pull request #410 from cdburkard/patches/tshark_walkthrough_1404
support wireshark versions greater than 1.11 in test_walkthrough lantz
01:11 AM Revision 16a2a6dc (mininet): Merge pull request #400 from cdburkard/patches/fixEmptyPing
Mininet crashes when running ping between two hosts with no interfaces lantz
01:06 AM Revision b7999978 (mininet): Merge pull request #409 from cdburkard/patches/cleanup_tests
if a test fails or exits with an error, run cleanup as a precaution lantz
12:52 AM Revision e1711f35 (mininet): Use server receive rate rather than client send()/buffering rate
Fixes #412 Bob Lantz


08:52 PM Revision 501eb4f9 (mininet): Add more information for test condition failure
Bob Lantz
05:52 PM Revision f3411593 (mininet): support wireshark versions greater than 1.11
Cody Burkard


03:32 AM Revision cac98f5f (mininet): add cli usage information
cody burkard


07:33 PM Revision 5eca0802 (mininet): Merge pull request #407 from cdburkard/patches/baresshd_waitListening
wait for sshd to start in baresshd example lantz


09:30 PM Revision 6159e923 (mininet): Add VM port forwarding option: --forward tcp:2222:22
Bob Lantz


11:11 PM Revision 2ceb5791 (mininet): Merge branch 'cdburkard-patches/test_walkthrough'
Bob Lantz
11:08 PM Revision 61c144b9 (mininet): Minor fixes to wireshark test
Bob Lantz
09:27 PM Revision 8537e8d9 (mininet): Merge pull request #404 from cdburkard/patches/default_cli
use node.pexec() to update IP address of intf instead of node.cmd() lantz


04:50 PM Revision 33d42e25 (mininet): if a test fails or exits with an error, run cleanup as a precaution
cody burkard
11:52 AM Revision 7c5d2771 (mininet): wait for sshd to start in example
cody burkard
03:09 AM Revision 098bede0 (mininet): Wait for controller shutdown.
Unfortunately, this can slow things down a bit - perhaps
100-200 ms in the case of ovs-controller, but I am hoping th...
Bob Lantz
01:45 AM Revision 629e58ca (mininet): Add 'use' test for using VM interactively
Bob Lantz


06:10 PM Revision e3ab3fc2 (mininet): fix a few small issues with walkthrough tests
cody burkard
04:19 PM Revision f1123e71 (mininet): update interface IP address with pexec so that backgrounded process ...
cody burkard
06:05 AM Revision 778267aa (mininet): if there are no interfaces to ping, there are no packets sent
cody burkard
12:32 AM Revision d6da13d4 (mininet): ntpd doesn't take a server argument
Bob Lantz
12:29 AM Revision 92a4f2dd (mininet): Try using ntpd since ntpdate doesn't always work
Bob Lantz


09:42 PM Revision ded25a9e (mininet): disableNtpd: wait 1 second and print out date just to be sure
Bob Lantz
09:20 PM Revision 1bae1aab (mininet): Turn of ntpd and set date manually before tests
This should fix the problem where we see the first test
taking negative time, as well as possibly other issues
with p...
Bob Lantz


10:19 PM Revision 01a1e8e4 (mininet): Merge pull request #397 from cdburkard/patches/test_nets
wait for switches to connect during test_nets lantz
02:57 AM Revision 9487cb50 (mininet): Fix typo
Bob Lantz
02:06 AM Revision 461751e5 (mininet): Merge branch 'cdburkard-patches/linear_bw'
Bob Lantz
02:06 AM Revision 762479c1 (mininet): Merge branch 'patches/linear_bw' of
Bob Lantz
01:51 AM Revision c8607467 (mininet): Merge branch 'cdburkard-patches/fix_sshd'
Bob Lantz
01:50 AM Revision f8e98d6a (mininet): Merge branch 'patches/fix_sshd' of
Bob Lantz
01:33 AM Revision 4aa0b823 (mininet): Merge pull request #395 from cdburkard/patches/vlan_fail_output
check for vlan dependency lantz
12:41 AM Revision f9522b30 (mininet): Merge pull request #394 from cdburkard/patches/cpu_test
continue to test cfs if rt is not enabled in kernel lantz


11:30 PM Revision ec26c749 (mininet): Install vconfig in VM for VLAN example
This should help with #393 although it doesn't solve
the root issue of the example failing silently when
vconfig is m...
Bob Lantz

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