From 10/03/2014 to 11/01/2014


06:04 AM Revision 993b73c1 (mininet): Adding --upgrade to fetch the latest from GitHub.
Brian O'Connor
03:30 AM Revision 08d611f4 (mininet): fix silent failures when rt cannot be assigned
Cody Burkard


10:06 PM Revision f6de358b (mininet): Try to prime the pump to avoid PACKET_INs during iperf test
Background: the reference controller is reactive and installs exact
match rules. By attempting to start a telnet sess...
Bob Lantz
03:23 PM Revision f66904ab (mininet): ensure we retrieve a single PID when run on a cluster node
cody burkard
11:59 AM Revision 6a363f65 (mininet): unmount private directories after use
cody burkard
11:43 AM Revision 736db20c (mininet): merge HostWithPrivateDirs into Host
cody burkard


06:23 PM Revision 5984a3f7 (wcn_emulator): add peerstreamer network load test cases. Provide subclasses fo...
Luca Baldesi
06:21 PM Revision 3b000ea6 (wcn_emulator): fix killALL bug
Luca Baldesi


04:54 PM Revision 428f3ed3 (wcn_emulator): add PeerStreamer network impact function
fix also a bug in the linkSentPacket function Luca Baldesi
04:26 PM Revision 6839e49e (wcn_emulator): add gitignore
Luca Baldesi
04:25 PM Revision 46af05a6 (wcn_emulator): refactor network packets functions code
moved net packets function in the PowerNet class Luca Baldesi
03:22 PM Revision 044aba16 (wcn_emulator): refactor peerstreamer arguments passing.
specify peerstreamer executable flags through the WCNSimulator configuration file Luca Baldesi
03:43 AM Revision ba8ea8f0 (mininet): Return (src, dst) in original order, and allow keys + data
Bob Lantz
12:05 AM Revision eab4ea3f (mininet): Minor fixes
Bob Lantz


11:10 PM Revision 06d9e4bb (mininet): add example and test for multiple links
cody burkard
11:06 PM Revision 38ce329e (mininet): Allow Mininet() to accept multi-link topos w/correct params.
Bob Lantz
11:06 PM Revision 94f088d7 (mininet): Allow natural sort to accept non-strings.
Bob Lantz
10:50 PM Revision 89fb0819 (mininet): First crack at fixing multiple links
* Makes MultiGraph more like networkx.multigraph
* Adds converTo method
* Synchronizes node1 with xxx1 in link options
Bob Lantz
01:20 PM Revision 06127ef6 (wcn_emulator): add network load inspection functions
Luca Baldesi


04:53 PM Revision 77a7e5f6 (wcn_emulator): add times compulsory option
Luca Baldesi


02:37 PM Revision 61d61eab (wcn_emulator): addes -s switch
Leonardo Maccari
01:36 PM Revision 461e26e8 (wcn_emulator): some cleanup of the conf loading functions
Leonardo Maccari


08:42 PM Revision aae0affa (mininet): Merge pull request #411 from cdburkard/devel/cli_usage
add cli usage information lantz
08:36 PM Revision 8190e81b (mininet): Merge pull request #410 from cdburkard/patches/tshark_walkthrough_1404
support wireshark versions greater than 1.11 in test_walkthrough lantz
01:11 AM Revision 16a2a6dc (mininet): Merge pull request #400 from cdburkard/patches/fixEmptyPing
Mininet crashes when running ping between two hosts with no interfaces lantz
01:06 AM Revision b7999978 (mininet): Merge pull request #409 from cdburkard/patches/cleanup_tests
if a test fails or exits with an error, run cleanup as a precaution lantz
12:52 AM Revision e1711f35 (mininet): Use server receive rate rather than client send()/buffering rate
Fixes #412 Bob Lantz


08:52 PM Revision 501eb4f9 (mininet): Add more information for test condition failure
Bob Lantz
05:52 PM Revision f3411593 (mininet): support wireshark versions greater than 1.11
Cody Burkard


03:32 AM Revision cac98f5f (mininet): add cli usage information
cody burkard


07:33 PM Revision 5eca0802 (mininet): Merge pull request #407 from cdburkard/patches/baresshd_waitListening
wait for sshd to start in baresshd example lantz


09:30 PM Revision 6159e923 (mininet): Add VM port forwarding option: --forward tcp:2222:22
Bob Lantz


11:11 PM Revision 2ceb5791 (mininet): Merge branch 'cdburkard-patches/test_walkthrough'
Bob Lantz
11:08 PM Revision 61c144b9 (mininet): Minor fixes to wireshark test
Bob Lantz
09:27 PM Revision 8537e8d9 (mininet): Merge pull request #404 from cdburkard/patches/default_cli
use node.pexec() to update IP address of intf instead of node.cmd() lantz


04:50 PM Revision 33d42e25 (mininet): if a test fails or exits with an error, run cleanup as a precaution
cody burkard
11:52 AM Revision 7c5d2771 (mininet): wait for sshd to start in example
cody burkard
03:09 AM Revision 098bede0 (mininet): Wait for controller shutdown.
Unfortunately, this can slow things down a bit - perhaps
100-200 ms in the case of ovs-controller, but I am hoping th...
Bob Lantz
01:45 AM Revision 629e58ca (mininet): Add 'use' test for using VM interactively
Bob Lantz

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