From 12/16/2014 to 01/14/2015


10:18 PM Revision 127f35a9 (mininet): Revert to using OVS default OpenFlow versions.
It makes sense to follow Open vSwitch's lead here.
OVS 2.3 enables OpenFlow 1.0 through 1.3 by default.
OVS 2.0 has i...
Bob Lantz
10:15 PM Revision 171e8151 (mininet): Set OVSSwitch default protocols to OpenFlow10,OpenFlow13
For OVS versions 1.9 or earlier, this setting is ignored. Bob Lantz


08:18 AM Revision c5f68226 (mininet): use isinstance( intf, OVSIntf )
Bob Lantz
08:18 AM Revision c916f3ee (mininet): Add OVSLink/--link ovs, which uses OVS patch links when possible
Bob Lantz
12:26 AM Revision 3ac5cafe (mininet): Fix code minor code check errors
Bob Lantz


05:59 PM Revision d7543bea (wcn_emulator): very dirty initial support for multiple runs per topology, to b...
Leonardo Maccari


09:49 PM Revision a7ad7390 (mininet): Disable IPv6 via grub command line
Unfortunately disabling IPv6 via sysctl doesn't actually
disable it on all of the interfaces by default. Disabling
Bob Lantz
09:48 PM Revision a84bec97 (mininet): Disable splash and quiet individually (more robust)
Bob Lantz
04:15 PM Revision 9da10b15 (wcn_emulator): fixed size connectivity, yet to fix node crash
Leonardo Maccari

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