From 12/16/2015 to 01/14/2016


06:40 AM Revision db134f36 (mininet): Allow RemoteController to connect to correct port.
Fixes #584 Bob Lantz
01:16 AM Revision f873068a (mininet): Add chown argument to change build dir owner
This allows Jenkins to delete a sudo build. Bob Lantz


09:16 AM Revision 38a4000a (mininet): Update to recent LTS and ubuntu releases.
Perhaps we should make this more algorithmic... Bob Lantz
09:00 AM Revision 0f5e05c0 (mininet): Handle openvswitch-testcontroller in ubuntu 15
Bob Lantz
03:18 AM Revision 65000d32 (mininet): Non-interactive installation on debian (respect -y flag!)
Bob Lantz
01:24 AM Revision 312ed1a4 (mininet): Use our github forks of openflow, oflops for now
This enables us to test our changes for Ubuntu 15 (new gcc/c99)
before pushing upstream if desired.
Bob Lantz
12:58 AM Revision ce5738b4 (mininet): Merge pull request #533 from pichuang/node
Check for ovs-testcontroller in OVSController lantz
12:56 AM Revision 447db4c7 (mininet): Merge pull request #526 from msvbhat/master
Fixing the in INSTALL file lantz

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