From 01/22/2016 to 02/20/2016


10:42 PM Revision e171aba8 (mininet): Merge pull request #597 from nemethf/doc_fix
Fix documentation of failMode in OVSSwitch lantz
09:26 AM Revision 1bd0e927 (mininet): Fix documentation of failMode in OVSSwitch
Felician Nemeth


04:34 PM Revision 5f579132 (wcn_emulator): Add resource logging capability
Luca Baldesi
04:33 PM Revision 7b55b31e (wcn_emulator): merge netjson support feature branch
Luca Baldesi


07:32 AM Revision e113f8ed (mininet): Add error message to shed light on why this sometimes fails
Bob Lantz


11:40 PM Revision 33695835 (mininet): Only use 80 hosts for for now
In the long run, we should debug the performance issues
with kvm and Ubuntu 15. For now, however, we're relaxing
the ...
Bob Lantz
11:40 PM Revision 5dc15aea (mininet): Tolerate slow startup/lost pings for now
In the long run we should troubleshoot the performance issue
on kvm/Ubuntu15, but for now we are relaxing the constra...
Bob Lantz


10:27 PM Revision 9a22e2b7 (mininet): Use ifconfig for interface verification.
Previously we were using both ip link and ifconfig - not only is
this inconsistent and redundant, but it also broke w...
Bob Lantz


12:47 AM Revision 76d3252c (mininet): Fix error exit from dd/block zeroing
Bob Lantz
12:02 AM Revision 9756c9a3 (mininet): vm_clean: delete keys from from /etc/ssh/ before shipping vm
It's a bad idea for all Mininet VMs to share the same SSH keys.
Certainly users can regenerate their own keys, but it...
Bob Lantz


09:52 PM Revision 0fac568a (mininet): Rewrite tolerance to be saner (plus or minus 20%)
Bob Lantz
09:33 PM Revision 04897513 (mininet): Collect all server output in iperf()
This still isn't ideal - this was breaking UDP iperf, which
can take a bit of time to print its output after you cont...
Bob Lantz
01:07 AM Revision 5365831d (mininet): Use 0% loss when testing examples/
Also clarified the code in
Fixes #590
Bob Lantz
12:59 AM Revision 6a69c3c7 (mininet): Fix UDP iperf.
Bob Lantz

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