From 10/25/2017 to 11/23/2017


04:08 PM Revision 3b4a2869 (wcn_emulator): fixes error() bug
imports correct library in Leonardo Maccari
03:57 PM Revision b3699a1f (wcn_emulator): fixes cpuresources test
adds a dummy process to have cpu usage always higher than 0 Leonardo Maccari
03:44 PM Revision 4d09d93c (wcn_emulator): introduces seed parameter (-s)
seed parameter sets the random generator seed Leonardo Maccari
03:39 PM Revision 2fd1c362 (wcn_emulator): renames shortest path param
changes setShortestRoutes to setShortestPaths, keeps the old value for compatibility Leonardo Maccari
02:53 PM Revision 2961ade5 (wcn_emulator): add matplotlib module import for input graph drawing at startup
Luca Baldesi
02:52 PM Revision 3d13980e (wcn_emulator): refactor logsys
add specific test case for all the supported monitored resources of logsys Luca Baldesi


04:47 PM Revision f4919c7b (wcn_emulator): fix on new networkx libs
Leonardo Maccari

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