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beeea4b2 12/08/2014 11:27 PM Bob Lantz

Exclude miniedit from pep8 checking for now

(Also untabbed comment lines, flagged by emacs et al.)

7a3159c9 12/08/2014 11:10 PM Bob Lantz

Spacing tweaks for pep8 checker

908e85d9 12/04/2014 05:27 PM Bob Lantz

Remove PLFMT since options are moved to .pylint

03461ce9 12/04/2014 05:17 PM Bob Lantz

Add 'slowtest' make target to test walkthrough, examples

061598f0 12/04/2014 04:21 PM Bob Lantz

Change from numeric to symbolic pylint error codes

db45b7c6 12/03/2014 07:00 AM Bob Lantz

Parseable output format for newer pylint

8842e450 09/28/2013 12:36 AM Jose Pedro Oliveira

Turns on gcc warnings (CFLAGS += -Wall -Wextra)

0c5aae15 09/11/2013 07:00 PM Bob Lantz

examples -> mininet/examples for code check

e1205a8a 11/14/2012 08:43 AM Brandon Heller

Add a simple unit test for link/host creation with options

31015ef5 10/29/2012 10:36 PM Bob Lantz

Make doc a real subdirectory so we can put other things there.

9c0ed88c 10/05/2012 02:02 AM Bob Lantz

Create version check utility and add to code check.
Fixes #70

9d5a21a7 08/17/2012 10:25 PM Bob Lantz

Thanks to Isaku Yamahata.

9b112384 08/06/2012 10:08 AM James Page

Observe build environment flags and use PYTHONPATH when generating version number

ce823507 08/01/2012 12:22 AM Bob Lantz

Fix man page install.

d85a58fe 07/07/2012 06:18 AM Bob Lantz

Autogenerate man page for mnexec.

d54cde46 07/07/2012 02:54 AM Bob Lantz

Add PYTHONPATH=. to allow "make man" to work if Mininet is not installed.

78b2f585 07/04/2012 05:50 AM Bob Lantz

Fixed support for adding man page to debian package - to pass lintian!

7fe84796 07/04/2012 05:08 AM Bob Lantz

clean up "make man" slightly

f2e7884a 07/02/2012 06:23 AM Bob Lantz

Add support for generating man page from mn --help.

ee222055 03/03/2012 04:34 AM Bob Lantz

Use install(1) to install mnexec so that develop works.

e6d8e974 03/02/2012 11:39 PM Bob Lantz

Added errcheck target which only checks for errors.

2b03a115 04/01/2011 06:56 PM Bob Lantz

Changed make clean to delete mnexec; added codecheck and test messages.

8a130dea 10/28/2010 04:21 AM Bob Lantz

Support for generating documentation with doxygen/doxypy (such as it is.)

82b72072 05/06/2010 11:24 PM Bob Lantz

Pass pylint.

bcacfc05 03/14/2010 02:23 AM Bob Lantz

Support for control-C. Finally.

I've changed the way things work a bit:

1. netns is replaced by mnexec, a general-purpose mininet helper.

2. For interactive commands, we now use mnexec -p, which prints out
the pid, so we can kill it when someone hits control-C!...

26266932 03/08/2010 11:31 PM Bob Lantz

Changed to report repeated pep8 issues.

f259e2fa 03/05/2010 06:26 AM Brandon Heller

Don't try to codecheck non-existent mnclean

281f6e59 02/06/2010 12:42 AM Bob Lantz

Minor changes to get 'make test' to pass.

- some namespace conflicts due to unpep8
- fixed infinite recursion caused by removing redundant makeIntfPair

80a8fa62 02/05/2010 10:33 AM Bob Lantz

First crack at restoring mininet python style, assisted by handy
'unpep8' script, which does most of the work.

- is still in pep8
- not all examples work, but this is due to other issues

ac9554d6 02/03/2010 11:29 PM Bob Lantz

Renamed -> mn, -> mnclean; updated Makefle

It's possible that mn_clean is a bit easier to read; mnclean may be easier
to type, however.

Added variables to Makefile so that source files are listed in a single

723d068c 01/10/2010 01:59 AM Brandon Heller

Add static code checking for style and errors

This required a change to logging, which now uses a singleton pattern.

For all future checkins, 'make codecheck' should pass.

ff43615a 12/18/2009 08:15 PM Brandon Heller

Add example unit tests and Makefile target

fd99d67c 12/18/2009 08:12 PM Brandon Heller

Add make clean to remove dist files created by setuptools