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f4d9e05d 12/11/2009 12:25 PM Bob Lantz

Fixed treePing64.
Minor tweaks to other files.

b3dd44d4 12/11/2009 11:58 AM Bob Lantz

Fixed bigTreePing64.
More edits for INSTALL and README files.
Batteries still not included (for the moment.) ;-)

d8ef79df 12/11/2009 11:31 AM Bob Lantz

Tweaks for install and readme files.

748e35d5 12/11/2009 07:39 AM Bob Lantz

Working on examples.
Added new example to create xterms.
Other minor changes.

95d9a374 12/10/2009 08:21 AM Bob Lantz


Modified cleanup to use dpctl to remove kernel datapaths.