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40a4a25d 07/01/2014 09:51 PM Cody Burkard

use a single mininet instance in bindpy

af2f67d9 06/26/2014 04:29 PM Cody Burkard

added documentation for HostWithPrivateDirs

752c2d6e 06/21/2014 06:54 AM Cody Burkard

mountprivatedirs is no longer needed

6a81b6df 06/19/2014 10:08 PM Cody Burkard

added persistence option to HostWithPrivateDirs. also attached mount namespaces when mnexec -a is specified

91092338 06/10/2014 06:44 PM Cody Burkard

Added support for mount namespaces in Also moved it to the node class as a host type.

445c0959 09/11/2013 07:00 PM Bob Lantz

Pass code check (except bogus Popen error)

f3442903 09/11/2013 07:00 PM Bob Lantz

Change API for more efficient remount and unmount.

5ae8c936 09/11/2013 07:00 PM Bob Lantz

Prototype implementation of bind mounts.