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33695835 01/26/2016 11:40 PM Bob Lantz

Only use 80 hosts for for now

In the long run, we should debug the performance issues
with kvm and Ubuntu 15. For now, however, we're relaxing
the constraints.

Closes #594

4a304688 11/10/2014 08:39 PM Bob Lantz

Select TCP Reno and run iperf for a longer time interval

The hope is that this will make the results a bit more consistent
when running in a VM environment.

f6de358b 10/31/2014 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Try to prime the pump to avoid PACKET_INs during iperf test

Background: the reference controller is reactive and installs exact
match rules. By attempting to start a telnet session we make sure that
the ARP caches and TCP flow rules are set up (in one direction at...

762479c1 09/30/2014 02:06 AM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'patches/linear_bw' of into cdburkard-patches/linear_bw

9cbf4688 09/27/2014 11:48 AM cody burkard

add 1ms delay to all links to exaggerate TCP bandwidth decrease across an increasing number of links

74857ba4 09/27/2014 11:47 AM cody burkard

remove User Switch from linearBandwidth due to poor performance

3a52ad2f 07/10/2014 02:24 AM Cody Burkard

fixed linearbandwidth and waitconnected

73f477be 07/10/2014 02:12 AM Cody Burkard

added waitConnect to linearbandwidth example.

edf60032 11/14/2012 12:59 AM Brandon Heller

pep8: fix E128 continuation line under-indented errors

I wasn't sure this was worth fixing at first, but it does look more readable

ce15c4f6 08/17/2012 01:48 AM Bob Lantz

rename Topo() methods for consistency: add_node() -> addNode()

e52d0ee1 03/20/2012 10:44 PM Bob Lantz

Fix to work with new Topo class.

8e3699ec 03/09/2012 10:10 PM Bob Lantz

Move init() into Mininet() and remove calls (since called automatically.)
Note: we should probably rename it "setup()" to avoid confusion.

11782ae0 10/26/2010 04:52 AM Bob Lantz

Commented out kernel ref, moved to Open vSwitch.

35341142 03/24/2010 08:42 PM Bob Lantz

Minor formatting changes.

3e624fb2 03/18/2010 06:43 AM Bob Lantz

Added openvswitch kernel switch.

6ab1f1ff 03/16/2010 09:59 PM Bob Lantz

Run in non-verbose mode, and print network sizes.

80be5642 03/08/2010 11:32 PM Bob Lantz

Removed underscores for public Node methods. Minor cleanup & comments.

be963554 03/06/2010 01:01 AM Bob Lantz

Added some additional explanatory comments.

5156b389 03/05/2010 11:15 PM Bob Lantz

Renamed LinearTestTopo() and added full ping test.

c80e18cd 03/05/2010 10:12 PM Bob Lantz

Worked once on user, kernel for 1-20 switches.

95f6e7b7 03/05/2010 12:55 AM Bob Lantz now works for kernel switch.

51270ce4 12/18/2009 08:12 PM Brandon Heller

Use setuptools to install python files

Now, to reference mininet files, use 'import mininet.mininet'.

PYTHONPATH mods are no longer required for installation.

9bb15c76 12/18/2009 12:31 AM Bob Lantz

Added missing value (60) in list. ;-)

7df36e47 12/16/2009 06:40 AM Bob Lantz

Changed to be much (!) smarter - it now reuses the network! Amazing.

696a619d 12/16/2009 02:50 AM Bob Lantz

Minor tweaks and corrections.
Added commentary on control network to
Hopefully fixed for real.

55dd9368 12/11/2009 05:21 PM Bob Lantz

Cleanup of doc files.
Fixed (and cleanup) to clean up screen sessions.
Cleaned up (though interface is still in flux.)
Added 1024-node network example (
Added example showing multiple tests on a single network (