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54d320ce 10/28/2010 04:21 AM Bob Lantz

Pass code check.

11782ae0 10/26/2010 04:52 AM Bob Lantz

Commented out kernel ref, moved to Open vSwitch.

259d7133 05/05/2010 02:11 AM Bob Lantz

Pass pyflakes.

6ef2973f 04/23/2010 12:16 AM Bob Lantz

Use switches rather than switches.keys().

Minor cosmetic change, really.

4720f559 04/11/2010 04:35 AM Bob Lantz

Fixed to import TreeNet and to skip unnecessary init().

b1affce8 04/11/2010 02:23 AM Bob Lantz

Removed TreeNet() convenience function (moved to topolib.)

41badb96 03/25/2010 12:08 AM Bob Lantz

Pass code check.

45e82d09 03/25/2010 12:04 AM Bob Lantz

Restored treeping64 and tre1024 examples and updated README.

83086439 01/02/2010 06:55 PM Brandon Heller

Remove/merge obsolete examples

51270ce4 12/18/2009 08:12 PM Brandon Heller

Use setuptools to install python files

Now, to reference mininet files, use 'import mininet.mininet'.

PYTHONPATH mods are no longer required for installation.

2f534913 12/15/2009 04:14 AM Bob Lantz

First crack at allowing Controller to be customized.
Network may now be used with custom controllers.
An example of doing this is in, which instantiates at TreeNet
using a custom Controller, NoxController, that runs nox_core rather
than the reference controller.

55dd9368 12/11/2009 05:21 PM Bob Lantz

Cleanup of doc files.
Fixed (and cleanup) to clean up screen sessions.
Cleaned up (though interface is still in flux.)
Added 1024-node network example (
Added example showing multiple tests on a single network (