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2e3258d2 04/22/2016 09:52 PM Luca Baldesi

apply ANS group patches.

Patches allow to use specific per-link delay distributions, and to assign deterministic IP address to TCIntf interfaces.
Patches also add a "deb" target to the Makefile in order to create the debian package.

04897513 01/22/2016 09:33 PM Bob Lantz

Collect all server output in iperf()

This still isn't ideal - this was breaking UDP iperf, which
can take a bit of time to print its output after you control-c it.

6a69c3c7 01/22/2016 12:59 AM Bob Lantz

Fix UDP iperf.

327af97c 01/21/2016 01:32 AM Bob Lantz

Try to fix iperf race condition

This is more complicated than it should be. We are also relying on
the fact that waitOutput should eat extra prompts most of the time.
Still not perfect - it's hard to get this exactly right, and we
should try to make it easier!...

0298e9be 11/09/2015 04:48 AM Rahman Pujianto

addNAT always use first switch

addNAT always use first switch even though another switch specified

c5f6d0ff 05/02/2015 08:16 PM Bob Lantz

Restore use of self.intf (if present) in addLink

fixes #515

ab8c4e91 04/16/2015 11:05 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.1rc1 -> 2.2.1

435d0d68 04/14/2015 09:33 PM Bob Lantz

-> 2.2.1rc1

125e6697 03/31/2015 03:40 AM Bob Lantz

Support multiple --controller arguments

df56fa27 03/18/2015 10:47 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.1d1 -> 2.2.1d2

48a8ed85 02/04/2015 01:27 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.0+ -> 2.2.1d1

09e9c055 02/04/2015 12:27 PM Bob Lantz

Indent one line for consistency

b2fe0778 02/04/2015 05:44 AM Bob Lantz

Change iperf() to use waitListening()

a4e93368 01/29/2015 08:26 AM Bob Lantz

Set batch=False in OVSSwitch for low-level API

If you try to use the low-level API, you are probably
not going to call batchStartup()! So, we set batch=False
by default. This means that buildFromTopo() needs to set
it to True, so we add a bit of irritatingly complex machinery...

c702840a 01/27/2015 11:24 PM Bob Lantz

Remove debug print lines

bdad3e8c 01/27/2015 02:01 AM Bob Lantz

Merge OVSBatch into OVSSwitch

Note that we are changing the interface of batchStartup/Shutdown
slightly so that the method can choose not to start some of the
switches. We might wish to refine this a bit...

9bda9848 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Add OVSBatch class (experimental)

This implements batch startup for OVS switches.

f7b29333 01/19/2015 07:35 AM Bob Lantz

2.2.0 -> 2.2.0+

c1b48fb5 01/15/2015 10:43 AM Bob Lantz

Stub out RemoteOVSSwitch.batchShutdown()

Eventually we should implement true batch shutdown.
In the mean time, we just ignore it. Note there's no good
way that I know of for a subclass to remove a superclass
method, so we changed the protocol a bit to require a return...

b1983548 01/15/2015 10:36 AM Bob Lantz

Fix indentation error

d66b9626 01/15/2015 10:07 AM Bob Lantz

Don't stop switches that we've already stopped.

Note that this also changes the way that links are deleted;
the reason is that the batch shutdown doesn't currently delete
the links, but OVSSwitch.stop() does. We may wish to revisit
this in the future.

c75eb471 12/09/2014 09:37 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.0rc1 -> 2.2.0

9945864a 12/08/2014 11:37 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.0rc1 -> 2.2.0rc2

Basically no changes except for whitespace and satisfying pep8.

7a3159c9 12/08/2014 11:10 PM Bob Lantz

Spacing tweaks for pep8 checker

ccd6b5cd 12/04/2014 05:28 PM Bob Lantz

version -> 2.2.0rc1 and update copyright date

061598f0 12/04/2014 04:21 PM Bob Lantz

Change from numeric to symbolic pylint error codes

18aab5b7 12/04/2014 08:51 AM Bob Lantz

More pylint changes

b1ec912d 12/03/2014 07:00 AM Bob Lantz

Fixing pylint errors

4219b229 11/25/2014 03:35 AM Bob Lantz


50774e40 11/23/2014 07:11 PM Bob Lantz

Remove unused imports

9a8bdfd7 11/23/2014 06:59 PM Bob Lantz

use isinstance( obj, basestring) to allow unicode strings

fixes #448

aabbf295 11/19/2014 04:58 PM Bob Lantz

Revert to old "Adding controller" message

6721f065 11/19/2014 04:58 PM backb1

Some clarifications

377d1b1c 11/12/2014 09:33 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.0b0 -> 2.2.0b1

d3377bf9 11/10/2014 08:37 PM Bob Lantz

Add seconds option to iperf()

15275048 11/08/2014 12:58 AM lantz

Merge pull request #433 from mininet/devel/update-version-2.2b0

Initial update of README, text files and versions for 2.2.0b0

bb76c212 11/07/2014 11:08 PM Bob Lantz

Use 2.2.0b0 for consistency with earlier Mininet releases

c92c4efb 11/07/2014 09:47 PM Bob Lantz

Add a few clarifying comments

39203484 11/07/2014 09:42 PM Bob Lantz

Make port1, port2 truly optional and don't pass them to Link()

2a2d6050 11/07/2014 09:40 PM Bob Lantz

Get rid of paramDict and simplify things a bit

083322a2 11/06/2014 08:05 PM Bob Lantz

Draft update for Mininet 2.2b0

38ce329e 10/28/2014 11:06 PM Bob Lantz

Allow Mininet() to accept multi-link topos w/correct params.

89fb0819 10/28/2014 10:50 PM Bob Lantz

First crack at fixing multiple links

  • Makes MultiGraph more like networkx.multigraph
  • Adds converTo method
  • Synchronizes node1 with xxx1 in link options
16a2a6dc 10/14/2014 01:11 AM lantz

Merge pull request #400 from cdburkard/patches/fixEmptyPing

Mininet crashes when running ping between two hosts with no interfaces

e1711f35 10/14/2014 12:52 AM Bob Lantz

Use server receive rate rather than client send()/buffering rate

Fixes #412

778267aa 10/02/2014 06:05 AM cody burkard

if there are no interfaces to ping, there are no packets sent

2c10a8e6 09/16/2014 08:43 PM lantz

Merge pull request #376 from cdburkard/patches/pingOutput

if we do not receive a ping and cannot parse output, return errorTuple

e4c4891a 09/16/2014 08:40 PM lantz

Merge pull request #359 from mininet/devel/cluster

Cluster Support Prototype

00cbb348 09/09/2014 08:59 PM cody burkard

if we do not receive a ping and cannot parse output, return errorTuple

c265deed 09/05/2014 06:07 AM Bob Lantz

Cluster edition prototype: remote nodes and links.

We add a new experimental feature to allow Mininet to run across
a cluster of machines. This is currently implemented via a set
mix-in classes that provide remote nodes that are implemented
via a connection to a remote shell, and remote links which are...

ce781a18 09/04/2014 11:21 AM cody burkard

use cgroups to calculate percentage of cpu used

c11d5773 08/27/2014 03:44 PM cody burkard

parse pid printed when backgrounding a process

92075113 08/27/2014 02:59 AM lantz

Merge pull request #342 from cdburkard/devel/startup

improve startup performance, largely by removing unnecessary ifconfigs

720a846c 08/27/2014 01:48 AM cody burkard

use kernel's mac generation

4015e066 08/14/2014 05:09 AM Brian O'Connor

moving NAT to nodelib

41a54f05 08/14/2014 12:33 AM cody burkard

adding comments and removing random access spaces

a280501f 08/07/2014 08:40 PM Brian O'Connor

Merge branch 'master' into nat


88763cfb 08/01/2014 08:22 PM cody burkard

removed more unnecessary ifconfigs

42cdda38 08/01/2014 06:27 PM cody burkard

added some documentation

a3d51b77 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

few small fixes to syntax errors

4b65110e 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

removed comments and cleaned up code.

eba13f0c 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

removed many of the commands being run to maximize startup performance

c1934706 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

testing link stuff

54652462 07/16/2014 05:24 PM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'devel/defaultController' of into cdburkard-devel/defaultController


e183e699 07/16/2014 04:57 PM Bob Lantz

Check for Controller type using isinstance()

779ea5f0 07/16/2014 02:39 AM Cody Burkard

removed bookmark

b7268856 07/15/2014 03:28 PM Bob Lantz

Tolerate passing controller objects into Mininet()

708b1843 07/15/2014 08:29 AM Bob Lantz

Don't remove items from a list we're iterating over

2451d757 07/14/2014 10:20 PM lantz

Merge pull request #318 from cdburkard/patches/hifi_fix

added support in iperf for different result formats.

a19cc915 07/14/2014 09:09 PM Cody Burkard

set DefaultController as the mininet class default

21b50c96 07/14/2014 08:46 PM lantz

Merge pull request #325 from cdburkard/patches/userspace_connect

added waitConnected attribute to mininet class

72fd120d 07/12/2014 02:04 AM Cody Burkard

added default controller class

4794871a 07/10/2014 08:40 PM Bob Lantz

Change algorithm slightly and print progress

13d25b41 07/10/2014 07:44 PM Bob Lantz

Minor message changes

b7a112cb 07/10/2014 06:24 PM Cody Burkard

Shutting down controller first

5a9c74be 07/10/2014 06:07 PM Cody Burkard

fixed last commit

3a52ad2f 07/10/2014 02:24 AM Cody Burkard

fixed linearbandwidth and waitconnected

c23c992f 07/10/2014 02:12 AM Cody Burkard

fixed waitConnected performance and moved waitConnected call to mn.start

4797b420 07/10/2014 02:12 AM Cody Burkard

conforming to style, and fixing documentation

6845fd83 07/10/2014 02:12 AM Cody Burkard

added documentation for waitConnected timeout

8e2443ad 07/10/2014 02:12 AM Cody Burkard

improved waitConnected algorithm and set default wait time to wait forever

84ea8d7f 07/10/2014 02:12 AM Cody Burkard

added waitConnected attribute to mininet class

a1acfa89 07/09/2014 12:23 AM Cody Burkard

set default iperf formatting to none

93ddd926 07/08/2014 11:55 PM Cody Burkard

Revert "fixed default iperf formatting behavior"

This reverts commit 0e733c77543b16a67d77465b416fdd77cb509807.

0e733c77 07/02/2014 08:07 PM Cody Burkard

fixed default iperf formatting behavior

4e76439c 06/17/2014 06:33 AM Cody Burkard

added support in iperf for different result formats. also added upper bounds for hifi tests

876e66e5 05/22/2014 07:36 PM Rich Lane

net: allow batch shutdown of multiple types of switches

Each switch class will be called to shutdown its own instances.

5797f585 05/07/2014 08:31 PM lantz

Merge pull request #303 from jhall11/pingall

Add a timeout parameter to the pingAll command

4d1a9cdc 04/25/2014 04:37 AM Jon Hall

Add a timeout parameter to the pingAll command

14e14f1b 04/14/2014 01:44 AM lantz

Merge pull request #286 from lantz/devel/ovsbatch

Enable batch startup/shutdown of OVS

Not perfect, but it moves us forward at least.

92a28881 04/01/2014 06:46 PM lantz


ebac6784 04/01/2014 06:45 PM lantz

Merge pull request #293 from backb1/patch/pingloss

Ping: packet loss should be a float

d9376439 03/26/2014 12:37 PM Adrian

Ping: packet loss should be a float

a0bc1002 03/01/2014 02:45 AM Bob Lantz

Enable batch shutdown for OVS.

06115a04 02/07/2014 01:56 AM Bob Lantz

Add support for batch shutdown of OVS switches.

This saves about 10 seconds for a 200 switch network.

824afb84 12/20/2013 01:43 PM Rémy Léone

fixup: useless_parenthesis

96952b92 12/12/2013 02:08 AM Bob Lantz

2.1.0 -> 2.1.0+

ffeb16eb 10/03/2013 11:29 PM Brian O'Connor

fixing --nat option in mn

a802d8b1 10/03/2013 10:19 PM Brian O'Connor

more NAT cleanup of net and topo

3f2355a3 10/03/2013 10:15 PM Brian O'Connor

undoing gateway in net and removing addNAT helpers