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8014a702 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Fix super() typo

bec34e72 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Clean up - TCReapply still broken!

9ca63226 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Remove shared reconnectms, improve self.started

We still need to set it in batchShutdown()

957fe1db 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Refactor for compatibility with isOldOVS() == True

3b4738c2 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

First crack at setting controller backoff in single command

9bda9848 01/26/2015 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Add OVSBatch class (experimental)

This implements batch startup for OVS switches.

ef59cd88 01/24/2015 12:39 AM Bob Lantz

Return correct success condition in cgroupDel

Without this, we end up retrying until we fail, instead
of returning immediately on success!

9db6cdc2 01/22/2015 11:22 AM Bob Lantz

Call delete() in link.stop() ; warn on exited node.cmd()

We should think a bit about the semantics that we want here.
The comments say "stop and clean up link" so perhaps that's
what we want. However, we could also imagine stop stopping
forwarding on the link (and possibly allowing restarts)....

b93cc989 01/19/2015 07:35 AM Bob Lantz

Pass code check

a8cc243a 01/19/2015 06:59 AM Bob Lantz

Add stp param to OVS and connected() to OVSBridge

This allows --switch ovsbr,stp=True to work correctly

d4be9271 01/19/2015 12:09 AM Bob Lantz

Merge del-br into cmd, and add reconnectms param

With newer versions of OVS, this allows us to set up a switch
with a single OVS command (if reconnectms is zero.) If reconnectms
is specified, then it slows things down slightly (but not much.)

c1b48fb5 01/15/2015 10:43 AM Bob Lantz

Stub out RemoteOVSSwitch.batchShutdown()

Eventually we should implement true batch shutdown.
In the mean time, we just ignore it. Note there's no good
way that I know of for a subclass to remove a superclass
method, so we changed the protocol a bit to require a return...

91a73bd1 01/15/2015 10:07 AM Bob Lantz

use isinstance( intf, OVSIntf )

c069542c 01/15/2015 10:07 AM Bob Lantz

Add OVSLink/--link ovs, which uses OVS patch links when possible

127f35a9 01/14/2015 10:18 PM Bob Lantz

Revert to using OVS default OpenFlow versions.

It makes sense to follow Open vSwitch's lead here.
OVS 2.3 enables OpenFlow 1.0 through 1.3 by default.
OVS 2.0 has incomplete support for 1.3, but you can enable
it with protocols=OpenFlow13

171e8151 01/14/2015 10:15 PM Bob Lantz

Set OVSSwitch default protocols to OpenFlow10,OpenFlow13

For OVS versions 1.9 or earlier, this setting is ignored.

3ac5cafe 01/07/2015 12:26 AM Bob Lantz

Fix code minor code check errors

05dbf82e 12/12/2014 01:03 AM Bob Lantz

Correctly set controller backoff for OVS.

Also report connected in standalone/bridge mode

Fixes #460


7a3159c9 12/08/2014 11:10 PM Bob Lantz

Spacing tweaks for pep8 checker

4d55ef11 12/04/2014 04:57 PM Bob Lantz

Restore missing space in RT_GROUP_SCHED message

554abdd5 12/04/2014 04:38 PM Bob Lantz

warn -> debug in connected; change IVS class comment

d754a7ce 12/04/2014 03:36 PM Bob Lantz

Call super(deleteIntfs)

Maybe this is better - maybe not. ;-p

18aab5b7 12/04/2014 08:51 AM Bob Lantz

More pylint changes

b1ec912d 12/03/2014 07:00 AM Bob Lantz

Fixing pylint errors

5a530af1 12/01/2014 11:39 PM Bob Lantz

Remove trailing whitespace. ;-/

c5d9e0e0 12/01/2014 11:10 PM Bob Lantz

Set default route in one cmd line to avoid dc'ing root NS

Usually you won't want to create a node in the root namespace,
and usually you won't want to use the Mininet API to set your
(real) default route, but if you do then you will probably want
to use a single command line to avoid disconnecting an SSH...

4e644d74 11/24/2014 07:27 PM lantz

Merge pull request #450 from mininet/sw-cmd

adding deleteIntfs option to switches and corresponding CLI command

50774e40 11/23/2014 07:11 PM Bob Lantz

Remove unused imports

273c4e94 11/23/2014 07:09 PM Bob Lantz

Fix typo. ;-p

c273f490 11/23/2014 07:06 PM Bob Lantz

type( foo ) is bar -> isinstance( foo, bar )

9a8bdfd7 11/23/2014 06:59 PM Bob Lantz

use isinstance( obj, basestring) to allow unicode strings

fixes #448

b57e5d93 11/22/2014 02:33 AM Brian O'Connor

adding deleteIntfs option to switches and corresponding CLI command

f5164f86 11/20/2014 02:24 AM Rich Lane

IVSSwitch: turn off verbose logging by default

Most users don't need this much logging and it slows down the switch.

a64f8c28 11/12/2014 11:17 PM Bob Lantz

Don't blow away parameters that aren't specified in node.config()

c7921fe4 11/07/2014 09:29 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge pull request #432 from mininet/devel/fallback

Fall back to OVSBridge if no controller is available for default switch

ccd3276d 11/06/2014 02:43 AM Bob Lantz

Raise exception if DefaultController cannot find a controller

f51eddef 11/06/2014 02:41 AM Bob Lantz

Return controller correctly.

4f8aa1d8 11/06/2014 12:49 AM Bob Lantz

Don't check rt_runtime_us for CFS scheduler

820c3be7 11/05/2014 01:20 AM Bob Lantz

Reorganize CFS and RT default/error conditions.

a562ca1b 11/05/2014 12:27 AM Bob Lantz

Move RT check into its own method, and save value.

658761d9 11/05/2014 12:09 AM lantz

Merge pull request #419 from cdburkard/patches/rt_failure_output

fix silent failures when rt cannot be assigned - will follow up on this

1b69ea13 11/04/2014 11:24 AM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'fallback' of into thinred-fallback


6e5ac34b 11/04/2014 04:01 AM Bob Lantz

Update module comment.

08d611f4 11/01/2014 03:30 AM Cody Burkard

fix silent failures when rt cannot be assigned

6a363f65 10/31/2014 11:59 AM cody burkard

unmount private directories after use

736db20c 10/31/2014 11:43 AM cody burkard

merge HostWithPrivateDirs into Host

098bede0 10/03/2014 03:09 AM Bob Lantz

Wait for controller shutdown.

Unfortunately, this can slow things down a bit - perhaps
100-200 ms in the case of ovs-controller, but I am hoping that
it may help slightly with #399.

fa7edec7 09/26/2014 11:47 PM lantz

Merge pull request #391 from cdburkard/patches/fix_popen

workaround: attach to cgroup first, then mount namespace

686a9993 09/26/2014 10:42 PM cody burkard

add Ryu controller to mininet

e16c5fe9 09/26/2014 05:51 AM cody burkard

attach to cgroup first, then mount namespace

73ef3e9a 09/21/2014 07:43 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge pull request #375 from cdburkard/patches/multi_core_rt

fix host --rt

3e8df323 09/21/2014 06:21 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge pull request #374 from cdburkard/patches/rt

check if RT_GROUP_SCHED is enabled in kernel

c265deed 09/05/2014 06:07 AM Bob Lantz

Cluster edition prototype: remote nodes and links.

We add a new experimental feature to allow Mininet to run across
a cluster of machines. This is currently implemented via a set
mix-in classes that provide remote nodes that are implemented
via a connection to a remote shell, and remote links which are...

58324bdc 09/04/2014 07:24 PM cody burkard

check if RT_GROUP_SCHED is enabled in kernel

04c1c098 09/04/2014 05:46 PM cody burkard

wall clock time makes rt quota independent of nprocs

d4ca1db6 08/30/2014 02:34 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge pull request #364 from cdburkard/patches/testCPULimit

Fix output of backgrounded processes

ce167380 08/27/2014 06:07 PM cody burkard

clean up logic for backgrounded processes

c11d5773 08/27/2014 03:44 PM cody burkard

parse pid printed when backgrounding a process

c75ff7ec 08/27/2014 05:34 AM cody burkard

fixes for LinkDelay test in test_hifi

92075113 08/27/2014 02:59 AM lantz

Merge pull request #342 from cdburkard/devel/startup

improve startup performance, largely by removing unnecessary ifconfigs

16a384ab 08/21/2014 07:16 PM lantz

Merge pull request #353 from mininet/devel/nat

Adding NAT class to NodeLib

6a69c2f6 08/21/2014 03:04 AM lantz

Merge pull request #356 from cdburkard/patches/stop_controller

fix for controller shutdown - send SIGHUP rather than SIGKILL

c9b844a7 08/19/2014 06:51 AM cody burkard

added controller.stop() back in

604ad455 08/19/2014 06:24 AM cody burkard

kill all child processes to avoid race condition and no controller shutdown

c0e7e349 08/15/2014 09:44 PM lantz

Merge pull request #337 from ggee/ovsProtocol

Add parameter to set protocol list in OVSSwitch.

db0f36f4 08/14/2014 07:18 AM Brian O'Connor

Fixing Node.monitor() to read entire prompt marker.

Applying @cdburkard fix to #322

4015e066 08/14/2014 05:09 AM Brian O'Connor

moving NAT to nodelib

735080a8 08/14/2014 02:51 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge branch 'master' into nat

161e7997 08/14/2014 02:49 AM Brian O'Connor

Fixing Node.monitor() to read entire prompt marker.

Applying @cdburkard fix to #322

417d7978 08/14/2014 12:35 AM cody burkard

merging master

41a54f05 08/14/2014 12:33 AM cody burkard

adding comments and removing random access spaces

39a3b73f 08/13/2014 03:04 PM Tomasz Buchert

fallback to ovsb when no OF controller is unavailable

e8623fdc 08/13/2014 02:55 PM Tomasz Buchert

introducing OVSBridge

a280501f 08/07/2014 08:40 PM Brian O'Connor

Merge branch 'master' into nat


88763cfb 08/01/2014 08:22 PM cody burkard

removed more unnecessary ifconfigs

19dd7f70 08/01/2014 07:18 PM cody burkard

switched back to node.cmd for OVS commands. this is faster..

42cdda38 08/01/2014 06:27 PM cody burkard

added some documentation

a2d0ea78 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

fixed issue with regex matching

e9d034bd 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

adding old changes

a3d51b77 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

few small fixes to syntax errors

eba13f0c 08/01/2014 06:00 PM cody burkard

removed many of the commands being run to maximize startup performance

628e8406 08/01/2014 01:27 AM Brian O'Connor

Reverting the disable signals change

78a32e93 08/01/2014 01:23 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge branch 'master' into devel/pty

84ce84f5 07/19/2014 02:10 AM Gregory Gee

Add parameter to set protocol list in OVSSwitch. Allows setting OpenFlow version.
s2 = net.addSwitch( 's2', protocols='OpenFlow13' )

00d19634 07/16/2014 01:21 AM Cody Burkard

revised comment on defaultController function

5ac3cde2 07/15/2014 10:48 PM Cody Burkard

restructured defaultController into a function

796b281b 07/14/2014 08:09 PM Cody Burkard

fixed command parameter

72fd120d 07/12/2014 02:04 AM Cody Burkard

added default controller class

191df1cb 07/10/2014 12:47 AM Brian O'Connor

Adding listen socket to UserSwitch when there is no listenPort set

3b484491 07/08/2014 11:27 PM lantz

Merge pull request #315 from cdburkard/patches/fix_bindpy

Added support for mount namespaces in

3b24bd7a 07/08/2014 09:22 AM Bob Lantz

Restore non-mnexec pid detection for background commands

e9013d76 07/08/2014 04:58 AM Bob Lantz

Fix pid regex to eat \r\n

c49b216c 07/08/2014 04:55 AM Bob Lantz

Set default printPid back to True

16ddf656 07/08/2014 04:51 AM Bob Lantz

Fix findPid since pty uses \r\n as line ending

9c3ecfe3 07/02/2014 05:53 PM Cody Burkard

conforming to mininet style

771850b9 07/02/2014 01:04 AM Bob Lantz

Possibly faster check for sentinel.

355696f3 07/02/2014 12:55 AM Bob Lantz

Don't set self.waiting twice

82e0e9f3 07/01/2014 08:49 AM Bob Lantz

Avoid overhead of another process (env) in startShell()

549f1ebc 06/27/2014 11:41 PM Bob Lantz

Attach a pty to each node's bash process

This should enable node commands that are expecting a tty to
behave better.

00803bcd 06/27/2014 08:05 PM Bob Lantz

Whitespace changes in OVSSwitch.