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e16c5fe9 09/26/2014 05:51 AM cody burkard

attach to cgroup first, then mount namespace

a56e2970 09/11/2013 07:00 PM Bob Lantz

Make sure that /bin/bash exists before attempting to chroot.

5413d2e5 09/11/2013 07:00 PM Bob Lantz

Check for chroot dir and chroot if necessary.

e2eb95a2 07/06/2013 09:14 PM Bob Lantz

Add $ to avoid h1 matching h10

6c22e057 04/12/2013 08:30 PM Bob Lantz

Avoid false matches and detect multiple host processes

1bf1a4d5 03/23/2013 01:38 AM Bob Lantz

Tag node bash processes and add attach script
Try invoking bash processes with -s mininet:host,
for easy identification of hosts. This enables
easy attachment using the util/m script.
closes #121