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mininet / util @ ece14ff4

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ece14ff4 04/01/2012 03:48 AM Bob Lantz

Check out CS244 branch for class.

26c61734 03/25/2012 10:41 PM Bob Lantz

Add cgroup and ethtool dependencies for mininet (w/hifi integration.)

f85c1cef 03/20/2012 10:49 PM Bob Lantz

Use upstream OVS packages.

176856bc 02/15/2012 12:35 AM Bob Lantz

Added setting NOX_CORE_DIR in .bashrc - this should not be necessary.

7a106d9b 02/14/2012 11:25 PM Bob Lantz

Script for installing mininet + tutorial into new VM.

de5d3118 02/14/2012 04:34 AM Bob Lantz

Ugh, typo.

65d46518 02/14/2012 04:33 AM Bob Lantz

Don't crash if we can't uninstall kernel.

7a0ee56c 02/14/2012 02:52 AM Bob Lantz

openvswitch-switch needs python-argparse

1c0b54e5 02/14/2012 02:47 AM Bob Lantz

Update OVS build suffix.

148a3f57 02/14/2012 02:30 AM Bob Lantz

Still dealing with install directory issues...

89962080 02/14/2012 02:19 AM Bob Lantz

dkms needs kernel headers.

7eb869af 02/14/2012 01:27 AM Bob Lantz

Force config files to be installed even if removed/edited. ;-/

2b261610 02/14/2012 01:13 AM Bob Lantz

More OVS install fixes.

e5b54a31 02/13/2012 07:35 PM Bob Lantz

Only install module manually if we built OVS from source.

a24705d7 02/13/2012 07:31 PM Bob Lantz

More controller-stopping madness.

9d275262 02/13/2012 07:26 PM Bob Lantz

sudo cp for wireshark plugin

8183cb62 02/13/2012 07:23 PM Bob Lantz

Handle libwireshark0/libwireshark1

46cffb3b 02/13/2012 07:10 PM Bob Lantz

Fixed arch detection - should be i686 rather than just 686

738ae1f3 02/13/2012 07:05 PM Bob Lantz

Make sure bc is installed.

fb25ee02 02/13/2012 09:36 AM Bob Lantz

Disable automatic openvswitch-controller startup.

2a4cbe2f 02/13/2012 09:29 AM Bob Lantz

Fix OVS 1.4.0 switch and controller package build/remove/install.

0e3cb791 02/11/2012 07:43 AM Bob Lantz

Add gross depends for ovsdbmonitor.

ae5ac257 02/11/2012 06:25 AM Bob Lantz

Build tar archive of relevant OVS packages in correct order.

3cd2e1a6 02/11/2012 12:16 AM Bob Lantz

Add $install + various cleanup.

08773f8f 02/10/2012 10:59 PM Bob Lantz

Script to build .deb packages for Open vSwitch.

b80f4aeb 02/10/2012 10:59 PM Brandon Heller Copy Wireshark dissector to global plugin dir

60b5864e 02/10/2012 10:57 PM Bob Lantz

Change to not fail if OS not detected, and to print detected OS.

8d1444a9 02/09/2012 01:23 AM Bob Lantz

Fix for 10.04 whose default kernel doesn't have CONFIG_NET_NS enabled.

7e79d135 02/04/2012 06:25 AM Bob Lantz

Changes (OVS 1.2.2, NOX destiny) for installation on Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric.

c120e378 02/01/2012 11:29 PM Bob Lantz

Try to make format mostly consistent. No tabs for the moment, although
we could switch to smart tabs (i.e. tab for indent, space for align.)

0bfd19fe 06/30/2011 04:14 AM Bob Lantz

Have apply controller patch for > 16 switches

26684841 06/30/2011 02:31 AM Bob Lantz

Avoid printing out grep results.

7596de59 06/30/2011 02:25 AM Bob Lantz

Upgrade networkx on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to avoid deprecation warning.

5675f2a1 06/30/2011 12:32 AM Bob Lantz

Workaround in oflops build for possible autoreconf bug.

c2e14519 06/30/2011 12:16 AM Bob Lantz

Add option to install cbench aka oflops

4e13f615 06/30/2011 12:04 AM Bob Lantz

Git clone oflops from rather than

37e1eafd 06/28/2011 11:50 PM Bob Lantz

Switch to Open vSwitch 1.1.1 for stability.

85cc906f 03/15/2011 07:39 AM Bob Lantz

Fixed typo.

d00fa51f 02/03/2011 07:47 AM Bob Lantz

Removed line that caused to fail with undefined variable.
Still should check to make sure Debian install works.

1ee6fad7 11/18/2010 01:17 AM Bob Lantz

Preliminary fixes for merge conflicts.

8a130dea 10/28/2010 04:21 AM Bob Lantz

Support for generating documentation with doxygen/doxypy (such as it is.)

4876b43f 10/18/2010 12:23 AM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'of1.0' into testing


276bdaf0 09/02/2010 02:52 AM Bob Lantz

Added more dependencies for some installs and for Debian.

05c2d669 08/19/2010 06:39 AM Bob Lantz

Add make to mininet deps.

cc16d2ce 08/19/2010 06:33 AM Bob Lantz

Attempt to fix OS detection for Debian.

4800435d 08/18/2010 11:43 AM Brandon Heller

vm: Don't exit if some files aren't there

4d1c17e1 08/18/2010 09:30 AM Brandon Heller

Move kernel downloads to OpenFlow web page

59d32629 08/18/2010 05:32 AM Bob Lantz

Fixed module installation error, for real.

dd2a2442 08/18/2010 03:40 AM Bob Lantz

Hack: run depmod twice so it works (hopefully) on Ubuntu.

7268f694 08/18/2010 02:33 AM Bob Lantz

Add gcc to mininet dependencies.

a0ca68b6 08/18/2010 12:41 AM Bob Lantz

Install mininet along with its dependencies.

cf9c9687 08/18/2010 12:31 AM Bob Lantz

Change to not try to install kernel on ubuntu.

25f64a39 08/18/2010 12:04 AM Bob Lantz

Changed to not install kernel on ubuntu.

57a0bb2f 08/17/2010 11:49 PM Bob Lantz

Removed unneeded lenny function.

01eea350 08/17/2010 11:36 PM Bob Lantz

Updated other install and help message.

85b69adb 08/17/2010 11:07 PM Bob Lantz

Version that hopefully will work on Ubuntu with an ext3 root FS.

5d4d6305 08/17/2010 10:04 AM Bob Lantz

Getting close to Ubuntu install.

0533e1cc 08/17/2010 07:30 AM Bob Lantz

Remove hard-wired /home/mininet directory.

7abca147 08/16/2010 07:04 PM Brandon Heller

vm: Remove SSH keychain load-on-boot script

71ba12c5 08/16/2010 07:04 PM Brandon Heller

vm: Forgot to run

b97415ee 08/16/2010 07:04 PM Brandon Heller

vm: Use OVS git release

OVS1.0.1 does not work with veth pairs.

9f8c2551 08/16/2010 07:04 PM Brandon Heller

Add missing dep for cbench

011b02f8 08/16/2010 07:04 PM Brandon Heller

Update VM install for 1.0

Remove all OpenFlow Ref kmod stuff.

72ddde86 08/06/2010 08:15 AM Brandon Heller

vm: Remove SSH keychain load-on-boot script

cd19cf52 08/06/2010 07:44 AM Brandon Heller

vm: Forgot to run

a434c3d1 08/06/2010 07:36 AM Brandon Heller

vm: Use OVS git release

OVS1.0.1 does not work with veth pairs.

6aa7f349 08/05/2010 11:56 PM Brandon Heller

Add missing dep for cbench

32b122bf 08/05/2010 04:56 AM Brandon Heller

Update VM install for 1.0

Remove all OpenFlow Ref kmod stuff.

3b48e829 05/20/2010 11:23 PM Brandon Heller

Add rough tutorial VM changes

6c5cc2bf 04/23/2010 10:08 PM Bob Lantz

Fix malformed patch format.

For some reason, the leading spaces were missing.

83e7ea2a 04/23/2010 10:06 PM Bob Lantz

Correction: blacklist.conf -> blacklist

On debian, the module blacklist is blacklist, not

a0c97d11 03/26/2010 09:05 PM Bob Lantz

Added patches for openflow reference version.

These may not be needed if they are pushed upstream.

add0ee60 03/26/2010 08:50 PM Bob Lantz

Added sudo for aptitude install.

e21aa14f 03/26/2010 07:33 PM Bob Lantz

Minor comment edits.

3f02f15e 03/26/2010 07:28 PM Bob Lantz

Added kbuild script for

55c33584 03/24/2010 12:20 PM Brandon Heller

Add OVS patch for 2.6.33+

Thanks to Ben Pfaff who wrote the patch

4779fa84 03/24/2010 12:20 PM Brandon Heller

Add bash_profile for VM build

0b1832dd 03/24/2010 12:19 PM Brandon Heller

Consolidate install script and add cmd-line options

Now, the majority the install can be done with one line, but the other
to each part of the install is still available.

Also fix a few bugs and add Wireshark coloring rules.

c9ae0ab0 03/23/2010 08:45 AM Brandon Heller

Generate initrd if missing

Works around bug in newer version of kernel-package.

1e4f3375 03/23/2010 08:18 AM Brandon Heller

Fix path for cleaning

74cd0843 03/23/2010 07:51 AM Brandon Heller

Clean up a few more things

e4370f7e 03/23/2010 06:56 AM Brandon Heller

Run depmod for specified kernel

fc48e6ee 03/23/2010 06:17 AM Brandon Heller

Add VM build option for 2.6.33 OVS/OF

9a7717ed 03/23/2010 05:44 AM Brandon Heller

Get past NOX build error w/newer autoconf

c5326892 03/23/2010 05:28 AM Brandon Heller

Clone NOX into ~/ and fix typo

d82b6183 03/23/2010 05:14 AM Brandon Heller

Get past verification error

a9aebba7 03/23/2010 05:14 AM Brandon Heller

Restore 2.6.29 as default image

b055728f 03/14/2010 10:53 AM Brandon Heller

Automatically load kernel module dependencies

Before this commit, you'd have to manually insert the kernel module for
OVS or OF kernel modules, and you couldn't run one regression test with
all 3.

Now, these are kmod insert/remove is handled automatically.

c30e5007 03/13/2010 12:13 AM Brandon Heller

Update install instructions

b403cc7f 03/13/2010 12:13 AM Brandon Heller

Colorize git output by default in VM

3b1174ef 03/13/2010 12:13 AM Brandon Heller

Update install scripts

Don't build NOX and OVS as root. Also don't nuke kernel src. Install
newer autoconf needed for OVS install from Deb backports, not src.

28ab4a33 02/18/2010 08:10 PM Brandon Heller

Add env var to install script

2b083dd1 02/18/2010 02:02 PM Brandon Heller

Add gitk to installed VM tools

777c9023 02/18/2010 08:09 AM Brandon Heller

Add VM install scripts

8d8ac76e 02/18/2010 06:47 AM Brandon Heller

Move sysctl script to util

80a8fa62 02/05/2010 10:33 AM Bob Lantz

First crack at restoring mininet python style, assisted by handy
'unpep8' script, which does most of the work.

- is still in pep8
- not all examples work, but this is due to other issues

bebe9dbe 02/05/2010 07:35 AM Bob Lantz

First crack at restoring Mininet style (via handy 'unpep8' script, which
does most of the work.) is still in pep8, however