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mininet @ dc630c54

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dc630c54 03/03/2010 10:37 PM Bob Lantz

Restored scratchnet and scratchnetuser demos.

Also changed the str format for nodes to use str() rather
than repr() so we don't end up with extraneous quotes.

efc9a01c 03/03/2010 09:52 PM Bob Lantz

Moved link creation into Node.addIntf() and fixed util:CreateLink().

Also tweaked cmd/cmdPrint to make them more beautiful and functional,
and a few other minor changes, such as using a new idiom for verbose.

These changes support reinstating the examples.

04fa18dc 03/03/2010 09:51 PM Bob Lantz

Changed cmdPrint to cmd.

a681f9b6 03/03/2010 09:50 PM Bob Lantz

Added debug() convenience function.

54977c79 03/03/2010 09:49 PM Bob Lantz

Changed to be executable.

1fdcd676 03/03/2010 09:46 PM Bob Lantz

Added py command to evaluate Python expressions, e.g. h1.cmd('ls')

137ec305 03/01/2010 11:38 PM Bob Lantz

Removed trailing spaces.

63214ea2 03/01/2010 11:34 PM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'customtopos' into bl-dev

e0cfcdd5 03/01/2010 11:21 PM Bob Lantz

Tweaks to pass code check.

2235f216 02/28/2010 07:40 AM Bob Lantz

Minor cleanup of mn/net and fixes for CLI.

All commands should work now.

c3a44400 02/28/2010 07:19 AM Bob Lantz

Changed custom feature so that params aren't added to globals.

There is probably a better way of doing this, but currently
parseCustomFile can modify globals (e.g. TOPOS) as well as
instance variables (self.validate) and classes (e.g. MyTopo),
which are also in the global name space....

54683776 02/27/2010 09:55 PM Bob Lantz

Removed blank line at EOF.

dba3b599 02/27/2010 09:54 PM Bob Lantz

Changed to dump bad iperf output.

78073e1b 02/27/2010 09:54 PM Bob Lantz

Fixed to be compatible with modified Mininet() class.

d40b0a99 02/27/2010 02:54 AM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'customtopos' into bl-dev

235415cf 02/27/2010 01:25 AM Bob Lantz

Ran unpep8 on

019bff82 02/27/2010 01:16 AM Bob Lantz

Made it possible to create a Mininet() without using a Topo object.

This increases flexibility by allowing a topology to be manually created
in Python, or specified using another format, without having to create
a Topo object first.

However, Topos are useful, and are still the default topology object!

28ab4a33 02/18/2010 08:10 PM Brandon Heller

Add env var to install script

4f4f1dd2 02/18/2010 07:44 PM Brandon Heller

Fix KeyError for missing NOX env var

8ff7ee42 02/18/2010 07:37 PM Brandon Heller

Remove NOX_INSTALL file

NOX Install is covered in the wiki and in util/deb/

4e94bac0 02/18/2010 07:36 PM Brandon Heller

Update custom topo instructions

fe29f64d 02/18/2010 06:49 PM Brandon Heller

More specific topo example filename

2b083dd1 02/18/2010 02:02 PM Brandon Heller

Add gitk to installed VM tools

777c9023 02/18/2010 08:09 AM Brandon Heller

Add VM install scripts

8d8ac76e 02/18/2010 06:47 AM Brandon Heller

Move sysctl script to util

3e021c25 02/17/2010 12:04 AM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'master' of

31b43002 02/16/2010 10:42 PM Bob Lantz

Added a bit to comments, and removed trailing spaces.

64c451e0 02/10/2010 06:40 AM Bob Lantz

Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

Shell now works (although we should use quietRun instead to avoid
file descriptor problem!)

exit/quit/EOF now all exit.

Renamed pingall and pingpair to make them easier to type - I think
commands should not require use of the shift key in general, although...

e34cd9a6 02/10/2010 06:37 AM Bob Lantz

Added warn to complement info, error.

6d72a3cb 02/08/2010 11:51 PM Bob Lantz

Minor cleanup; clarified fdToNode (still need to test however.)

d5886525 02/08/2010 11:51 PM Bob Lantz

Changed to use info() and error() logging aliases.

f8952d56 02/08/2010 11:49 PM Bob Lantz

Added info() and error() as aliases for and lg.error()

bd1e997f 02/08/2010 11:43 PM Bob Lantz

Remove backslash.

8895862a 02/08/2010 11:42 PM Bob Lantz

Munged mn and mnclean into mininet style.

7c371cf3 02/06/2010 01:29 AM Bob Lantz

Comment tweaks.

e85f8bdf 02/06/2010 01:22 AM Bob Lantz

Removed hash-bang in module files which aren't executed directly,
with the exception of, which I haven't touched.

7d4b7b7f 02/06/2010 01:18 AM Bob Lantz

Comment tweaks and additions.

496b5f9e 02/06/2010 01:01 AM Bob Lantz

Moved CLI into its own file. Also, MininetCLI is now just 'CLI'.

281f6e59 02/06/2010 12:42 AM Bob Lantz

Minor changes to get 'make test' to pass.

- some namespace conflicts due to unpep8
- fixed infinite recursion caused by removing redundant makeIntfPair

80a8fa62 02/05/2010 10:33 AM Bob Lantz

First crack at restoring mininet python style, assisted by handy
'unpep8' script, which does most of the work.

- is still in pep8
- not all examples work, but this is due to other issues

bebe9dbe 02/05/2010 07:35 AM Bob Lantz

First crack at restoring Mininet style (via handy 'unpep8' script, which
does most of the work.) is still in pep8, however

46fa564a 02/05/2010 07:13 AM Bob Lantz

Changed to ignore W0511, which fails on TODO, FIXME, etc..

We may wish to re-enable this later.

0df8b195 02/03/2010 11:38 PM Bob Lantz

Renamed ->

Updated other files accordingly.

ac9554d6 02/03/2010 11:29 PM Bob Lantz

Renamed -> mn, -> mnclean; updated Makefle

It's possible that mn_clean is a bit easier to read; mnclean may be easier
to type, however.

Added variables to Makefile so that source files are listed in a single

799242c6 02/03/2010 11:06 PM Bob Lantz

Fixed undefined variable 'custom' in setup().

f52edfc5 01/31/2010 02:58 PM Brandon Heller

Move sysctl params to separate file

Simplifies installation step

befa1310 01/30/2010 10:46 AM Brandon Heller

Revamp custom topology input

Defining custom topologies, switch types, controllers, and hosts is now
much easier. Plus, all Ripcord-specific stuff has been moved out.

3774f234 01/30/2010 02:49 AM Brandon Heller

Update license and add networkx dependency

114dcd56 01/29/2010 10:42 PM Brandon Heller

Improve CLI line editing capabilities

Convert CLI to use Python Cmd object, which provides line editing.

83097ff9 01/29/2010 09:29 PM Brandon Heller

Fix errors from style changes

8f99421e 01/28/2010 06:45 AM Brandon Heller

Fix setuptools installation

The packages argument was incorrectly specified, leading to an install
process that would appear to have succeeded, but would not actually copy

The error likely occurred due to copying from another project
where the source files were located in a different position relative to...

8e8081c4 01/25/2010 11:27 PM Brandon Heller

Add VL2 reduced topology

3031d31e 01/12/2010 12:40 AM Brandon Heller

Add ability to read custom Mininets

1b6a9c3a 01/10/2010 05:12 AM Brandon Heller

Add missing pylint settings file

f7c2df25 01/10/2010 05:11 AM Brandon Heller

Support OpenVSwitch in kernel-mode

723d068c 01/10/2010 01:59 AM Brandon Heller

Add static code checking for style and errors

This required a change to logging, which now uses a singleton pattern.

For all future checkins, 'make codecheck' should pass.

ca58c896 01/07/2010 08:54 AM Brandon Heller

Restore user-space switch option

Switches and controller in root namespace only, for now.

d856c818 01/07/2010 05:23 AM Brandon Heller

Support out-of-order link addition

Sort interface names before passing to dpctl for kernel switch, so that
links for multipath topologies can be added in any order.

6d2cd77b 01/06/2010 04:53 PM Brandon Heller

Add reversed version of the SingleSwitch topology

Possibly useful for adding custom port mappings.

80b3dbbd 01/06/2010 04:52 PM Brandon Heller

CLI: add node dump-all-data command

74ef7615 01/06/2010 04:40 PM Brandon Heller

CLI: add interface dump command

ee007363 01/06/2010 03:22 PM Brandon Heller

Add default ip and port for remote controller

376bcba4 01/03/2010 05:16 PM Brandon Heller

Add options for auto MAC and ARP setup.

Auto MAC setup sets each host MAC equal to its DPID, which simplifies

Auto ARP setup removes the need for broadcast support for ARP, which
enables a smaller NOX controller.

433a7cc8 01/03/2010 11:53 AM Brandon Heller

Make Ripcord-specific topologies optional

If ripcord.dctopo imports properly, then include its topologies in the
list of available ones. Also replace with new generic
topologies and update paths.

c98514ae 01/03/2010 10:44 AM Brandon Heller

Support more topologies

ac65ea3f 01/03/2010 10:43 AM Brandon Heller

Increase createLink retry count

Was seeing occasional errors with tests run back-to-back.

fcf6a16f 01/02/2010 07:20 PM Brandon Heller

Remove accidentally-added iperf verbosity

0cd489a7 01/02/2010 06:58 PM Brandon Heller

Add iperf UDP test

8a034f4f 01/02/2010 06:58 PM Brandon Heller

Add xterm support

1bb4412f 01/02/2010 06:58 PM Brandon Heller

Separate kernel and user switches into separate objects

16c57ddb 01/02/2010 06:58 PM Brandon Heller

Enable controller-less setups

4804237f 01/02/2010 06:58 PM Brandon Heller

Add more NOX options

eeb9cb3c 01/02/2010 06:58 PM Brandon Heller

Restore iperf test

Also simplify test running.

83086439 01/02/2010 06:55 PM Brandon Heller

Remove/merge obsolete examples

8f20b95d 01/02/2010 10:43 AM Brandon Heller

Auto-install run and clean scripts

Also remove usused imports and outdated doc text.

a6b47322 01/02/2010 10:42 AM Brandon Heller

Add, a script to run Mininets.

Simplifies launching a Mininet or running tests on one.

60d9ead6 01/01/2010 11:26 AM David Erickson

Added a RemoteController object

Now you can run a controller on a remote PC that is
not on the same pc as Mininet.

54037995 01/01/2010 11:16 AM Brandon Heller

Add MAC auto set for switches

Also use indexing for DPIDs to avoid zeroed MAC

8b5062a3 12/26/2009 10:25 PM Brandon Heller

Move TreeNet to new Mininet API

Also remove all non-object-oriented legacy Mininet code and update

User-space compatibility is untested, but most of the code for it is
still in.

e3621eb0 12/26/2009 03:40 PM Brandon Heller

Move fixLimits function to util

89bf3103 12/20/2009 10:19 PM Brandon Heller

Move Node functions into their own file

Nodes include Switch, Host, and Controller; move these to a separate

This file still could use some attention to hide private functions.
Node seems like a primary class to extend, for adding stuff like Open
vSwitch, so it could benefit from a simpler interface.

4d2d52c3 12/20/2009 05:46 PM Brandon Heller

Remove unused function

220890a0 12/20/2009 05:32 PM Brandon Heller

Move utility functions out of

Having a file with the same name as its package creates hard-to-diagnose
import error, so rename to This commit moves utility
functions, generally those dealing with network namespaces and interface...

bc547080 12/20/2009 12:03 PM Brandon Heller

Rewrite Ripcord test and most of mininet

Make much of the Mininet code object-oriented around the new Mininet
object, and create a generic way to build a Mininet.

Previously, each network topology was created by Mininet API calls,
which seems much less approachable for new users than passing in a...

75810224 12/20/2009 11:54 AM Brandon Heller

Remove verbose command printouts

8e63d3cb 12/20/2009 03:21 AM Brandon Heller

Add missing newline printouts

fabbac88 12/20/2009 03:21 AM Brandon Heller

Document retry function

2e52801d 12/20/2009 03:20 AM Brandon Heller

Fix IP printing exception

b426d24e 12/20/2009 03:05 AM Brandon Heller

Minor documentation

b6423f8c 12/19/2009 04:36 AM Brandon Heller

Fix module resolution

Forgot to add

15f37cc2 12/19/2009 04:36 AM Brandon Heller

Add LinearNet test case

7b804ffb 12/19/2009 04:36 AM Brandon Heller

More flexible logging support

Use customized StreamHandler from Python logging module to print
only messages for the specified loglevel to the console.

1095628b 12/18/2009 11:51 PM Brandon Heller

Clean up display

Don't print retry errors by default.

7c1d7c9f 12/18/2009 11:42 PM Brandon Heller

Don't attempt to kill processes twice

Was causing OSErrors because the process to kill no longer existed.

345bf7cc 12/18/2009 11:39 PM Brandon Heller

Reduce interface move delay and make configurable

Much faster now; from 1 s delay to 100 us.

ff43615a 12/18/2009 08:15 PM Brandon Heller

Add example unit tests and Makefile target

fd99d67c 12/18/2009 08:12 PM Brandon Heller

Add make clean to remove dist files created by setuptools

51270ce4 12/18/2009 08:12 PM Brandon Heller

Use setuptools to install python files

Now, to reference mininet files, use 'import mininet.mininet'.

PYTHONPATH mods are no longer required for installation.

cd27f9db 12/18/2009 08:11 PM Brandon Heller

Start controller with verbose by default

ede34b6a 12/18/2009 08:10 PM Brandon Heller

Add missing function import