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2e3258d2 04/22/2016 09:52 PM Luca Baldesi

apply ANS group patches.

Patches allow to use specific per-link delay distributions, and to assign deterministic IP address to TCIntf interfaces.
Patches also add a "deb" target to the Makefile in order to create the debian package.

e171aba8 02/19/2016 10:42 PM lantz

Merge pull request #597 from nemethf/doc_fix

Fix documentation of failMode in OVSSwitch

1bd0e927 02/19/2016 09:26 AM Felician Nemeth

Fix documentation of failMode in OVSSwitch

e113f8ed 02/03/2016 07:32 AM Bob Lantz

Add error message to shed light on why this sometimes fails

33695835 01/26/2016 11:40 PM Bob Lantz

Only use 80 hosts for for now

In the long run, we should debug the performance issues
with kvm and Ubuntu 15. For now, however, we're relaxing
the constraints.

Closes #594

5dc15aea 01/26/2016 11:40 PM Bob Lantz

Tolerate slow startup/lost pings for now

In the long run we should troubleshoot the performance issue
on kvm/Ubuntu15, but for now we are relaxing the constraint.

Closes #593

9a22e2b7 01/25/2016 10:27 PM Bob Lantz

Use ifconfig for interface verification.

Previously we were using both ip link and ifconfig - not only is
this inconsistent and redundant, but it also broke when newer
ip link changed the reported names of certain interfacs to

Fixes #592

76d3252c 01/23/2016 12:47 AM Bob Lantz

Fix error exit from dd/block zeroing

9756c9a3 01/23/2016 12:02 AM Bob Lantz

vm_clean: delete keys from from /etc/ssh/ before shipping vm

It's a bad idea for all Mininet VMs to share the same SSH keys.
Certainly users can regenerate their own keys, but it's better
if we don't ship a key and simply regenerate it on boot.

0fac568a 01/22/2016 09:52 PM Bob Lantz

Rewrite tolerance to be saner (plus or minus 20%)

04897513 01/22/2016 09:33 PM Bob Lantz

Collect all server output in iperf()

This still isn't ideal - this was breaking UDP iperf, which
can take a bit of time to print its output after you control-c it.

5365831d 01/22/2016 01:07 AM Bob Lantz

Use 0% loss when testing examples/

Also clarified the code in

Fixes #590

6a69c3c7 01/22/2016 12:59 AM Bob Lantz

Fix UDP iperf.

c0793cb5 01/21/2016 01:33 AM Bob Lantz

Add "run" alias for "use" and integrate build/test options

Keeping "use" for now even though it seems harder to remember
than "run". And the build/test options are probably much
clearer being inline in the help.

327af97c 01/21/2016 01:32 AM Bob Lantz

Try to fix iperf race condition

This is more complicated than it should be. We are also relying on
the fact that waitOutput should eat extra prompts most of the time.
Still not perfect - it's hard to get this exactly right, and we
should try to make it easier!...

b78b99b6 01/20/2016 09:33 PM Bob Lantz

monitor() should return on timeout; docstring changes

It appears that read() has been blocking for some time,
so for now it makes sense to change the documentation to
match the functionality!

It's not entirely clear if monitor() expects this functionality....

a1bff4b0 01/19/2016 09:24 PM Bob Lantz

Add python-pexpect to dependencies

It's used by tests and isn't large.
Fixes #587

0b673d7c 01/19/2016 09:23 PM Bob Lantz

Update Ryu dependencies.

db134f36 01/14/2016 06:40 AM Bob Lantz

Allow RemoteController to connect to correct port.

Fixes #584

f873068a 01/14/2016 01:16 AM Bob Lantz

Add chown argument to change build dir owner

This allows Jenkins to delete a sudo build.

38a4000a 01/12/2016 09:16 AM Bob Lantz

Update to recent LTS and ubuntu releases.

Perhaps we should make this more algorithmic...

0f5e05c0 01/12/2016 09:00 AM Bob Lantz

Handle openvswitch-testcontroller in ubuntu 15

65000d32 01/12/2016 03:18 AM Bob Lantz

Non-interactive installation on debian (respect -y flag!)

312ed1a4 01/12/2016 01:24 AM Bob Lantz

Use our github forks of openflow, oflops for now

This enables us to test our changes for Ubuntu 15 (new gcc/c99)
before pushing upstream if desired.

ce5738b4 01/12/2016 12:58 AM lantz

Merge pull request #533 from pichuang/node

Check for ovs-testcontroller in OVSController

447db4c7 01/12/2016 12:56 AM lantz

Merge pull request #526 from msvbhat/master

Fixing the in INSTALL file

b47aa5da 12/01/2015 12:09 AM lantz

Merge pull request #558 from bregman-arie/master

Update to support RedHat distrubtion

af0215fb 11/23/2015 11:40 PM lantz

Merge pull request #536 from jonohart/buildcpu

Add parameter for number of CPU cores to use in VM builds

2791333c 11/23/2015 11:33 PM lantz

Merge pull request #566 from moz/master

addNAT always use first switch

96ea5367 11/18/2015 07:47 PM Tomasz Buchert

mnexec: properly setup the mount namespace

Systemd's default is to mark the root mount as shared and it is
inherited as such by the new mount namespace. This means that any
mounts performed inthe new namespace will be visible by the rest of
the system, breaking privateDirs....

0298e9be 11/09/2015 04:48 AM Rahman Pujianto

addNAT always use first switch

addNAT always use first switch even though another switch specified

7c6d645a 10/22/2015 11:34 PM Bob Lantz

Workaround for cgdelete deleting cgroup but returning error

fixes #513

0c2fbaf1 10/18/2015 07:40 AM Arie Bregman

Update to support RedHat distrubtion

Mininet installation will also work on RedHat distribution

d254d749 09/23/2015 11:02 PM Brian O'Connor

Removing unnecessary braces in RemoteController

2c5d86f1 09/23/2015 10:36 PM lantz

Merge pull request #555 from mininet/devel/of-port

Updating OpenFlow default port to 6653 (in Controller and RemoteController)

8df24304 09/23/2015 12:29 AM Brian O'Connor

Updating OpenFlow default port to 6653

- Pass 6653 to controllers that Mininet starts
- Try to connect first on 6653 for RemoteController, then fallback to 6633

fixes #545

93b12376 07/29/2015 08:25 PM lantz

Merge pull request #541 from thinred/master

don't generate .pyc files on some makefile targets

cdbbb5b7 07/29/2015 03:13 PM Tomasz Buchert

don't generate .pyc files on some makefile targets

86af067e 07/15/2015 05:40 PM Jonathan Hart

Add option for number of CPU cores to use for VM builds

db3bffa9 07/06/2015 04:11 PM Roan Huang

Check for ovs-testcontroller in OVSController

The programe name changed from test-controller to ovs-testcontroller

openvswitch/ovs 0bc1b46a38cca06023fdfa5d500c738ccdfa94e7

2cb17590 06/25/2015 10:42 PM Bob Lantz

Remove blank line

I'm not sure whether we really need to turn off ip_forward before
flushing iptables, but it might possibly be useful to avoid certain
unexpected behavior.

f7601da0 06/25/2015 10:38 PM Bob Lantz

Change quoting for '!'

65a0e5f3 06/25/2015 08:36 PM lantz

Merge pull request #528 from pichuang/cluster

Fixed `whoami` output problem in

d5d66f12 06/25/2015 05:37 AM Roan Huang

Fixed `whoami` output problem in

Remove the last character when use `whoami`

9ed14fa0 06/23/2015 10:17 PM Bob Lantz

Remove explicit NAT code and use built-in NAT functionality.

This API isn't great - we should try to improve it in the future.

f24ebc43 06/23/2015 10:08 PM lantz

Merge pull request #530 from jonohart/master

Enable NAT to use all interfaces.

90d50dcb 06/23/2015 08:57 PM Jonathan Hart

Enable NAT to use all interfaces.

Also put the net.ipv4.ip_forward option back to what it was before on exit,
rather than always setting back to 0.

ce2458c1 06/14/2015 08:42 AM M S Vishwanath Bhat

INSTALL: Another trivial path fix

Signed-off-by: M S Vishwanath Bhat <>

88718939 06/14/2015 08:32 AM M S Vishwanath Bhat

INSTALL: Fixing the path of

Signed-off-by: M S Vishwanath Bhat <>

5f68be22 06/11/2015 07:16 AM Bob Lantz

Remove debug print

68ae67dc 06/11/2015 03:35 AM Bob Lantz

Support custom links in custom file

c4a85ab1 06/11/2015 03:09 AM Bob Lantz

Add flush option to disable flushing iptables

ef3c8856 06/11/2015 03:08 AM Bob Lantz

Add help regarding --nat [option=val...]

bb35d041 06/08/2015 05:10 AM Bob Lantz

Fix TorusTopo for UserSwitch

UserSwitch requires a 12-digit dpid.

ba05fd36 06/05/2015 11:10 PM Bob Lantz

Warn if bridge netfilter (firewall) is enabled

Newer linux kernels enable filtering on the linux bridge;
this can prevent it from working in mininet!

e988b0f6 06/05/2015 08:45 AM Brian O'Connor

Merge pull request #522 from mininet/devel/torus

Adding number of hosts per switch option to torus topo

b27cce08 05/28/2015 06:45 AM Brian O'Connor

Adding number of hosts per switch option to torus topo

a38896c2 05/16/2015 03:24 PM Bob Lantz

Avoid expanding a string into a list of chars

63ae13fc 05/13/2015 06:50 AM Bob Lantz

Fix #520

c5f6d0ff 05/02/2015 08:16 PM Bob Lantz

Restore use of self.intf (if present) in addLink

fixes #515

ab8c4e91 04/16/2015 11:05 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.1rc1 -> 2.2.1

8daa4193 04/15/2015 11:21 PM Bob Lantz

Fix typo

5c895eaa 04/14/2015 09:40 PM Bob Lantz

Added note on Raspberry Pi ;-)

435d0d68 04/14/2015 09:33 PM Bob Lantz

-> 2.2.1rc1

66e9845f 04/14/2015 12:58 AM Bob Lantz

Add babisk

fe334007 04/14/2015 12:56 AM Bob Lantz

Add dmahler and pichuang

c589660e 04/14/2015 12:52 AM lantz

Merge pull request #494 from pichuang/master

Modify directory path in

d9117c77 04/14/2015 12:35 AM Bob Lantz

Merge branch 'dmahler-master'

6cb68f26 04/14/2015 12:30 AM Bob Lantz

Simply use class names as option help

The justification for this is that 1) the options are
already documented in the API documentation and 2) the
class names are fairly self-explanatory, so adding short
descriptions doesn't add much.

In the future, however, we could add a short description...

c60764c3 04/11/2015 06:20 AM David Mahler

Update to mn --help to provide details on options

ba723826 04/11/2015 12:06 AM lantz

Merge pull request #489 from BabisK/master

New netbee lib, fixes need for very old bison

0165d7bd 04/10/2015 06:19 AM Bob Lantz

Implement Switch.stop(), which doesn't call terminate

When I changed the switch implementations to call super().stop(),
I neglected to include a Switch.stop() method which didn't call
terminate(). This broke switch s1 stop and s1.stop().

Fixes #497

1df1f9a1 04/10/2015 12:56 AM Bob Lantz

Fix sorting & remove duplicate

2c916acc 04/07/2015 03:37 AM Roan Huang

Modify cluster help information

0a810b22 04/06/2015 11:19 AM Roan Huang

Modify SSHDIR and USERDIR path

57c8f593 04/06/2015 11:12 AM Roan Huang

Fixed code indentation

125e6697 03/31/2015 03:40 AM Bob Lantz

Support multiple --controller arguments

a2486a6d 03/31/2015 02:43 AM Bob Lantz

Allow node.setIP() to pass extra arguments to intf.setIP()

15f2898f 03/30/2015 11:26 PM Bob Lantz

Add a space after ipv6.disable=1 so as not to break text boot

1c4adde1 03/24/2015 10:22 PM Bob Lantz

Remove redundant processing for '/'

4d229912 03/24/2015 01:48 AM Bob Lantz

Allow -V on debian

90ea6c6b 03/24/2015 12:42 AM Bob Lantz

Usually kernel install is unnecessary, so don't quit if it fails

269cecd3 03/24/2015 12:15 AM Bob Lantz

openvswitch-datapath-dkms is no longer needed for 14.04+

c2be20f0 03/18/2015 11:00 PM Bob Lantz

Rename node.RYU to node.Ryu

Perhaps it should be RyuController, but just Ryu for now.
RYU made no sense because it's not an acronym.

df56fa27 03/18/2015 10:47 PM Bob Lantz

2.2.1d1 -> 2.2.1d2

f49e2539 03/18/2015 10:32 PM Bob Lantz

Minor formatting, pass code check

4da7b3b7 03/18/2015 10:31 PM Bob Lantz

Fix exception for unknown class

e5a5cd00 03/18/2015 10:18 PM Bob Lantz

customConstructor -> customClass

c5779dee 03/18/2015 10:17 PM Bob Lantz

Pass code check

79c944ae 03/18/2015 10:12 PM Bob Lantz

Remove obsolete OVSLegacyKernelSwitch

a23c6a28 03/18/2015 10:10 PM Bob Lantz

Fix undefined constructors in customClass()

7acc6932 03/18/2015 03:59 PM Babis Kaidos

New netbee library is installed for Ubuntu 14.04 and newer. For older releases or for other OSs the old netbee is installed

889698f7 03/16/2015 01:28 PM Babis Kaidos

New netbee lib, fixes need for very old bison

f6f6d928 03/14/2015 04:17 AM Bob Lantz

CustomConstructor -> CustomClass, which calls specialClass

specialClass is an analog of functools.partial but for classes.
We can now use it instead of partial() in mn, so that Mininet
can introspect on the actual base class.

Fixes #488

5224884e 03/13/2015 10:09 PM lantz

Merge pull request #473 from joerango/master

Support for running arbitrary command when starting terminal

f063b023 03/02/2015 10:22 PM lantz

Merge pull request #478 from rlane/fix-readline-history

cli: don't read/write readline history more than once

a1edb167 03/02/2015 10:20 PM Rich Lane

Merge pull request #1 from lantz/devel/fix-readline-history

Move cmdloop() wrapper into a new run() method

613fac4b 02/21/2015 12:46 AM Bob Lantz

Move cmdloop() wrapper into a new run() method

I also added another try/catch block so that interrupting
the 'Interrupt' message should no longer occur.

e0cd11ab 02/20/2015 06:47 PM Rich Lane

cli: don't read/write readline history more than once

Previously, when creating multiple CLI objects, each one would append the
~/.mininet_history file to readline's internal list. When writing the file back
it would be duplicated for each CLI object created. So, over a few mininet runs...

5b818ad7 02/09/2015 06:55 PM Joseph Beshay

Support for running arbitrary command when starting terminal (other than bash)