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  bin cdeaca86 over 10 years Brandon Heller Rename cliinfo debug level to output
  custom c246e2d5 over 10 years Bob Lantz Renamed -> ...
  examples 35341142 over 10 years Bob Lantz Minor formatting changes.
  mininet 35341142 over 10 years Bob Lantz Minor formatting changes.
  util b055728f over 10 years Brandon Heller Automatically load kernel module dependencies ...
.gitignore 30 Bytes a1658810 over 10 years Brandon Heller Ignore pyc files
.pylint 8.81 KB 7ecd095c over 10 years Bob Lantz Allow *args and **kwargs.
INSTALL 6.04 KB 35341142 over 10 years Bob Lantz Minor formatting changes.
Makefile 451 Bytes bcacfc05 over 10 years Bob Lantz Support for control-C. Finally. I've changed t...
README 2.15 KB 3465c9ea over 10 years Bob Lantz Updated to reflect changes and include 2.6.33 p...
mnexec.c 2.05 KB 51a14824 over 10 years Bob Lantz Removed unused variable. 939 Bytes 0e2a7240 over 10 years Bob Lantz Reinstate mnexec in install.

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35341142 03/24/2010 08:42 PM Bob Lantz

Minor formatting changes.

c70aab0a 03/23/2010 10:25 PM Bob Lantz

Changed to mininet.configLinkStatus(src,dst,status)

Also rearranged parameters in link command to

mininet> link s1 h2 up

To resemble ifconfig a bit more.

fb2f6523 03/23/2010 10:05 PM Bob Lantz

Changed to support multiple links.

It should also probably be renamed to something like:
configLinks(src, dst, status).

178a3d84 03/23/2010 02:34 AM Bob Lantz

Minor tweaks.

c8fbd446 03/23/2010 12:50 AM Bob Lantz

Updated installation notes and added patch for controller.c.

f2eaeac7 03/22/2010 11:24 PM Bob Lantz

Added patch for 2.6.33.x kernel.

6ab417cc 03/22/2010 11:24 PM Bob Lantz

Added setup for kernel switch.

3e624fb2 03/18/2010 06:43 AM Bob Lantz

Added openvswitch kernel switch.

8abc3472 03/16/2010 09:59 PM Bob Lantz

Pass code check.

ec7b211c 03/16/2010 09:59 PM Bob Lantz

Buffered output. Added net.monitor() and node.readline()

Moved monitor() and readline() into and respectively,
which will hopefully be useful for monitoring large sets of hosts,
as is done in

Changed iperf to use interactive command infrastructure (such as it...

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Mininet: A Simple Virtual Testbed for OpenFlow aka How to Squeeze a 1024-node OpenFlow Network onto your Laptop Development Version, March 2010 --- Mininet creates simple OpenFlow test networks by using process-based virtualization and network namespaces. Simulated hosts (as well as switches and controllers with the user datapath) are created as processes in separate network namespaces. This allows a complete OpenFlow network to be simulated on top of a single Linux kernel. Mininet may be invoked directly from the command line, and also provides a handy Python API for creating networks of varying sizes and topologies. In order to run Mininet, you must have: * A Linux 2.6.26 or greater kernel compiled with network namespace support enabled (see INSTALL for additional information.) * An OpenFlow implementation (either the reference user or kernel space implementations, or Open vSwitch.) Appropriate kernel modules (e.g. tun and ofdatapath for the reference kernel implementation) must be loaded. * Python, bash, ping, iperf, etc. * Root privileges (required for network device access) Currently Mininet includes: - A simple node infrastructure (Host, Switch, Controller classes) for creating virtual OpenFlow networks - A simple network infrastructure (Mininet class) supporting parametrized topologies (Topo subclasses.) For example, a tree network may be created with the command # mn --topo tree,depth=2,fanout=3 - Basic tests, including connectivity (ping) and bandwidth (iperf) - A command-line interface (CLI class) which provides useful diagnostic commands, as well as the ability to send a command to a node. For example, mininet> h11 ifconfig -a tells host h11 to run the command 'ifconfig -a' - A 'cleanup' command to get rid of junk (interfaces, processes, files in /tmp, etc.) which might be left around by mininet. Try this if things stop working! # mn -c - Examples (in the examples/ directory) to help you get started. Batteries are not included (yet!) However, some preliminary installation notes are included in the INSTALL file. Good luck! --- Bob Lantz

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