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mininet / util @ 686a9993

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  kbuild add0ee60 almost 11 years Bob Lantz Added sudo for aptitude install.
  nox-patches b0fb3988 over 8 years Bob Lantz Patch/hacks to enable NOX destiny/classic to co...
  openflow-patches 6c5cc2bf over 10 years Bob Lantz Fix malformed patch format. For some reason, t...
  sch_htb-ofbuf b97c0392 over 8 years Nikhil Handigol make install for sch_htb.ko
  vm 61760eab over 6 years Bob Lantz Make sure we 'sudo kill' our sudo pexpect proce... 2.86 KB 1c0b54e5 almost 9 years Bob Lantz Update OVS build suffix. 5.3 KB c265deed over 6 years Bob Lantz Cluster edition prototype: remote nodes and lin...
colorfilters 1.39 KB 0b1832dd almost 11 years Brandon Heller Consolidate install script and add cmd-line opt... 1.97 KB 32f7847b almost 9 years Bob Lantz Change to doxypy. 22.7 KB 686a9993 over 6 years cody burkard add Ryu controller to mininet
m 799 Bytes a56e2970 over 7 years Bob Lantz Make sure that /bin/bash exists before attempti...
sysctl_addon 507 Bytes c3f975ae almost 8 years Bob Lantz Move IPv6 disable to 'other', and fix X11 forwa...
unpep8 6.78 KB 80a8fa62 almost 11 years Bob Lantz First crack at restoring mininet python style, ... 672 Bytes 312c386c about 7 years Bob Lantz Fix regex to support Mininet 20.30.40+++

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# Date Author Comment
686a9993 09/26/2014 10:42 PM cody burkard

add Ryu controller to mininet

61760eab 09/24/2014 06:57 PM Bob Lantz

Make sure we 'sudo kill' our sudo pexpect process in close().

This should more reliably shut down pexpect subprocesses when exits before completion.

12095a12 09/24/2014 12:49 AM Bob Lantz

Try to install openvswitch-testcontroller if needed

412726d3 09/24/2014 12:18 AM Bob Lantz

Fix -a

136c9591 09/23/2014 11:32 PM Bob Lantz

Fix wireshark namespace conflict and don't reinstall

f603052b 09/23/2014 09:01 PM Bob Lantz

Install coloring rules regardless of plugin. Also don't clobber.

47be38e6 09/23/2014 08:45 PM Bob Lantz

Don't install lua plugin for wireshark 1.12+

Apparently there is a conflict where the lua plugin
conflicts with the built-in dissector for openflow
that is included with 1.12 and up. For now, we will
just not install the plugin. This should fix the
14.10 VM build....

9ca775cb 09/22/2014 10:54 PM Bob Lantz

Switch to loxigen-built openflow.lua wireshark plugin

The older wireshark dissectors were not well-maintained
and were a pain to build. They also added tons of extra junk
into our VM images! The ones built into the current
wireshark are deficient for 1.3. The solution for the...

c265deed 09/05/2014 06:07 AM Bob Lantz

Cluster edition prototype: remote nodes and links.

We add a new experimental feature to allow Mininet to run across
a cluster of machines. This is currently implemented via a set
mix-in classes that provide remote nodes that are implemented
via a connection to a remote shell, and remote links which are...

0333d3db 09/05/2014 04:51 AM Bob Lantz

qcow2size(): use qemu-image instead of file

file no longer returns image size on 14.04
fixes #373

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