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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment 4.91 KB 812c91cc almost 8 years Rich Lane test_hifi: use SWITCH to pick the switch class 1.57 KB 8e3699ec over 9 years Bob Lantz Move init() into Mininet() and remove calls (si...

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812c91cc 06/27/2013 09:50 PM Rich Lane

test_hifi: use SWITCH to pick the switch class

1f1d590c 11/14/2012 03:57 PM Brandon Heller

test: Improve unit tests to verify basic functionality

Also a more complete ping test that parses all output to the CLI.

These tests expand the hifi-specific ones to not just cover whether
a topology can be created with options, but whether those options...

e1205a8a 11/14/2012 08:43 AM Brandon Heller

Add a simple unit test for link/host creation with options

8e3699ec 03/09/2012 10:10 PM Bob Lantz

Move init() into Mininet() and remove calls (since called automatically.)
Note: we should probably rename it "setup()" to avoid confusion.

e3c074b8 03/09/2012 09:53 PM Bob Lantz

Remove deprecated ControllerParams (for now.)

1dcc0476 01/05/2011 01:12 AM Bob Lantz

Changed to make 'output' the default log level.

6d2416ec 08/17/2010 06:02 AM Bob Lantz

Removed test for reference kernel implementation, for now at least. ;-(

8423875b 03/25/2010 12:03 AM Bob Lantz

Change to use new interface to

b055728f 03/14/2010 10:53 AM Brandon Heller

Automatically load kernel module dependencies

Before this commit, you'd have to manually insert the kernel module for
OVS or OF kernel modules, and you couldn't run one regression test with
all 3.

Now, these are kmod insert/remove is handled automatically.

d44a5843 03/10/2010 05:48 AM Bob Lantz

Reinstantiated inNamespace and routed control network.

We need to figure out how to specify the IP addresses for the
routed control network. For now I'm going back to 192.168.12x.y

Also changed controller params to use IP strings rather than
numbers. However, we still need to clarify what ControllerParams...

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