From 04/16/1998 to 05/15/1998


01:43 PM Revision 3994080e (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed path to includes.
Martin Mares
07:56 AM Revision 25697773 (iof-bird-daemon): The library is now glued together from generic and OS-depend...
by the `mergedirs' script. Few more IP address manipulation functions
and some fixes.
Martin Mares
07:54 AM Revision 62aa008a (iof-bird-daemon): Parts of routing table code. Data structure declarations sho...
complete now. Martin Mares


04:43 PM Revision 18c8241a (iof-bird-daemon): BIRD library: The story continues.
Complete resource manages and IP address handling. Martin Mares
04:42 PM Revision a8b60382 (iof-bird-daemon): Next attempt on data structures...
Martin Mares
04:42 PM Revision 6032aa6a (iof-bird-daemon): Added new subdir for UNIX-dependent files.
Now contains only functions for logging, but it will change soon. Martin Mares


02:39 PM Revision 1feea03e (iof-bird-daemon): Changed #include <x/y> to #include "x/y" for our local inclu...
gcc -MM can be used to separate them from the system ones.
Added automatic generation of dependencies.
Martin Mares


02:01 PM Revision c40e05a0 (iof-bird-daemon): Added IP address manipulation macros, interface declarations...
Martin Mares
08:09 AM Revision 481f6985 (iof-bird-daemon): Added few route attributes.
Martin Mares


12:58 PM Revision 58ef912c (iof-bird-daemon): First look at data structures. More to come tomorrow...
Martin Mares

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