From 10/08/1998 to 11/06/1998


03:35 PM Revision c3e9b2ab (iof-bird-daemon): RIP now includes notion of interface, and is correctly talki...
itself on second host. Split horizont is broken. Pavel Machek
03:24 PM Revision dafd580e (iof-bird-daemon): Previous fix was wrong.
Martin Mares
03:01 PM Revision db6984c4 (iof-bird-daemon): rte_update: Doesn't loop forever when multiple routes point ...
destination. Martin Mares


04:45 PM Revision dc7c7494 (iof-bird-daemon): RIP _NOW_ actually talks to itself (workaround core bug: sen...
from other port than we receive at), few FIXME's added. Pavel Machek
04:39 PM Revision 756b86de (iof-bird-daemon): Learn static device routes from the kernel (temporary until ...
such things configurable). Martin Mares
04:12 PM Revision feb6abe0 (iof-bird-daemon): RIP now actually talks to itself.
Pavel Machek
03:47 PM Revision 8ca8683c (iof-bird-daemon): Beware the NULL route, my son... The bugs that bite, the BIR...
Martin Mares
03:17 PM Revision acc62f5e (iof-bird-daemon): Insert/remove hooks return void, not int.
Martin Mares
03:13 PM Revision a0762910 (iof-bird-daemon): Added pointer to network to RTE. The complications with pass...
aren't worth 4 bytes per RTE.
rte_discard and rte_dump don't need net * as parameter.
Martin Mares


06:18 PM Revision b6903c94 (iof-bird-daemon): Updated TODO.
Martin Mares
06:13 PM Revision 7d832907 (iof-bird-daemon): Generate router_id automatically if possible (standard "smal...
regular interface addresses" rule).
Protocols should NOT rely on router_id existence -- when router ID is not
Martin Mares
05:52 PM Revision 08045252 (iof-bird-daemon): Basic kernel routing table syncing implemented. Learning of ...
by other programs or the kernel itself is not supported yet, but it's not
needed for development of other protocols.
Martin Mares
05:48 PM Revision 567e6c62 (iof-bird-daemon): Use (SOCK_DGRAM,IPPROTO_IP) socket instead of (SOCK_STREAM,I...
This is exactly what Linux ifconfig does and seems to be the preferred way. Martin Mares
05:47 PM Revision 4cf45766 (iof-bird-daemon): Exporting fill_in_sockaddr() for use by other unix-dependent...
Martin Mares
05:46 PM Revision 36f2caf1 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed generation of device routes for unnumbered point-to-po...
Martin Mares
05:45 PM Revision f184ea6f (iof-bird-daemon): Proto struct now contain (down | starting | up) state.
Martin Mares


10:25 PM Revision 16a8ba30 (iof-bird-daemon): We parse /proc/net/route and flag RT entries according to it...
today in the morning... Martin Mares
10:24 PM Revision 4c45595e (iof-bird-daemon): o FIB flags now available for FIB users.
o struct network: FIB flags used for kernel syncing.
o struct network: `next' field deleted (historical relic).
Martin Mares
10:22 PM Revision ab3a76a3 (iof-bird-daemon): Added ipa_from_u32 and ipa_from_u32 for use in the kernel sy...
Don't ever think of using it in routing protocols. Martin Mares
12:50 PM Revision 7e7790c6 (iof-bird-daemon): Since almost every UNIX system requires different techniques...
the kernel routing table as opposed to modifying it which is approximately
the same on non-netlink systems, I've spli...
Martin Mares
12:48 PM Revision 8b168817 (iof-bird-daemon): * Please distinguish between DGB() and debug().
Martin Mares
12:26 PM Revision 3629bcf0 (iof-bird-daemon): Preconfig, postconfig and init hooks can be NULL.
Martin Mares
11:53 AM Revision 0432c017 (iof-bird-daemon): Split protocol init to building of protocol list and real pr...
Added kernel route table syncer skeleton. Martin Mares
11:50 AM Revision 05e56feb (iof-bird-daemon): Removed global pointer to proto_dev.
Martin Mares
11:13 AM Revision 5b22683d (iof-bird-daemon): After contemplating about RIP route timeouts for a long time...
protocol callbacks for route insertion and deletion from the central table.
RIP should maintain its own per-protocol ...
Martin Mares
10:49 AM Revision 570ce189 (iof-bird-daemon): Implemented `route last modified' time.
Martin Mares


11:26 AM Revision 2a900b1b (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed misleading comment.
Martin Mares
11:24 AM Revision 7f3d198d (iof-bird-daemon): Each protocol now hears even its own routes and needs to mak...
loop detection. This is needed since both RIP and OSPF handle multiple
neighbors and they need to redistribute routes...
Martin Mares
11:05 AM Revision 47b79306 (iof-bird-daemon): Solve chicken-and-egg problems with protocol startup. We now...
protocols and don't send route/interface updates to them and when they come up,
we resend the whole route/interface t...
Martin Mares
11:02 AM Revision d92882be (iof-bird-daemon): WALK_LIST_DELSAFE now actually works (it really couldn't sin...
reference list head at all). Martin Mares
10:25 AM Revision c05ea56f (iof-bird-daemon): rip should now correctly listen, but entries will not time out.
Pavel Machek


03:12 PM Revision 8333431c (iof-bird-daemon): Rip: rip_rta_same added.
Pavel Machek


01:38 PM Revision 93f1c532 (iof-bird-daemon): Moved scanning of interfaces, so that they get initialized a...
routing protocol instances. Martin Mares
01:27 PM Revision cf3934c5 (iof-bird-daemon): Lists: unneccessary test killed, make code friendly to non-gcc.
Pavel Machek


07:57 PM Revision c93214d4 (iof-bird-daemon): o There are cases when SIOCGIFINDEX is defined, but it does...
this happens, don't reject the whole interface, just mark it as index 0.
o Removed Pavel's comment about EFAULT and ...
Martin Mares
02:59 PM Revision fdf33cde (iof-bird-daemon): Strange, on atrey ioctl() does not fill structure, and bird ...
on it. Now we "only" die(). Pavel Machek
02:32 PM Revision 21580e30 (iof-bird-daemon): I prefer to have broken drivers than completely stupid ones...
Linus Torvalds
Rip now uses main routing table properly: entries are stored directly
into main routing table and we ...
Pavel Machek

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