From 03/25/1999 to 04/23/1999


01:12 PM Revision 93bde8dc (iof-bird-daemon): Work on hello continues.
Ondrej Filip


06:41 PM Revision 36bbfc70 (iof-bird-daemon): Updated filters: they now actually see IP/pxlen of net being...
gateway, and who told us, so they can do usefull jobs from now on. Pavel Machek


09:11 PM Revision afbc41ab (iof-bird-daemon): SImplify code a tiny bit.
Pavel Machek
03:13 PM Revision b11d8a4f (iof-bird-daemon): Redesigned struct ospf_iface & new struct ospf_sock.
Ondrej Filip
12:47 PM Revision b31568a5 (iof-bird-daemon): Small bug fix in memcpy.
Ondrej Filip
12:29 PM Revision 4c5e5e3a (iof-bird-daemon): Multicasts once again: When using SO_BINDTODEVICE, don't spe...
of the interface. Martin Mares
11:39 AM Revision 1b50a1e4 (iof-bird-daemon): Next attempt to get SO_BINDTODEVICE work :)
Martin Mares
11:21 AM Revision 36154beb (iof-bird-daemon): Use SO_BINDTODEVICE if we're using old multicast API (i.e., ...
and not ip_mreqn). This should get multicasts on unnumbered PtP links work. Martin Mares
11:09 AM Revision 9da4d143 (iof-bird-daemon): A couple of OSPF fixes:
o ((flags & IF_CHANGE_UP) == IF_CHANGE_UP) -> (flags & IF_CHANGE_UP)
o bcopy -> memcpy (bcopy is unportable...
Martin Mares
10:49 AM Revision 1ab4dee0 (iof-bird-daemon): Removed redeclaration of `idval', so that it compiles :)
Martin Mares


09:46 PM Revision 4c630a6d (iof-bird-daemon): Added wait timer for eligible BCAST & NBMA interface.
Ondrej Filip
07:27 PM Revision 55e7732a (iof-bird-daemon): Change in ospf_iface. (My bad understanding of lists manipul...
Ondrej Filip
06:21 PM Revision aec76c6e (iof-bird-daemon): IPv6 changes.
Ondrej Filip
11:40 AM Revision 43fc099b (iof-bird-daemon): Sets of IP addresses should work, now. (From now on it is also
possible to write if <, but I'm not sure if it is good
for anything.)
Pavel Machek
12:46 AM Revision 24eaae9e (iof-bird-daemon): Small change to stop using loopback.
Ondrej Filip
12:24 AM Revision cb2e8c49 (iof-bird-daemon): A small init change to avoid core dump.
Ondrej Filip


11:54 PM Revision 5b1a92e6 (iof-bird-daemon): Not all I mean serious. Almost everything will change.
Changes: struct ospf_iface draft, various constants added... Ondrej Filip
08:26 PM Revision 2f5d1544 (iof-bird-daemon): Added ipa_compare as requested.
Martin Mares
07:58 PM Revision 38506f71 (iof-bird-daemon): Sets of integers now actually work. Sets of IP will work as ...
compare function is ready. Pavel Machek
06:07 PM Revision 01bd7759 (iof-bird-daemon): Ignore alias interfaces (some day, we will treat them as pur...
interface addresses). Martin Mares
06:01 PM Revision 08e2d625 (iof-bird-daemon): Removed TOS support. This simplifies many things a lot.
Martin Mares
05:27 PM Revision 170c984a (iof-bird-daemon): Cosmetic message fix.
Martin Mares
05:21 PM Revision 11369489 (iof-bird-daemon): Use $(CC) instead of gcc even when generating dependencies.
Martin Mares
05:20 PM Revision 620c4f90 (iof-bird-daemon): Oops, a typo in previous struct ip_mreqn changes...
Martin Mares
03:27 PM Revision 61fb537c (iof-bird-daemon): Use `struct ip_mreqn' instead of `struct ip_mreq' for multicast
operations on 2.1/2.2 kernels. This allows passing of real interface
indexes instead of referencing interfaces by the...
Martin Mares
02:57 PM Revision 5a99ade4 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed a couple of bugs in handling of multicast sockets.
See comments in lib/socket.h for a detailed guide on how to use them. Martin Mares
12:07 PM Revision bad631e0 (iof-bird-daemon): Oops, typo.
Pavel Machek
12:01 PM Revision 8ba2cc06 (iof-bird-daemon): In case no startup function is defined, don't try to launch it.
Pavel Machek


07:28 PM Revision ed9a8236 (iof-bird-daemon): Added new target "tags" to generate a tag table for Emacs.
Also made "depend" work before the tree is compiled first time. Martin Mares


09:45 AM Revision 2db3b288 (iof-bird-daemon): Decrease number of warnings.
Pavel Machek


02:25 PM Revision 49ed70b4 (iof-bird-daemon): Portability fixes.
Martin Mares
12:11 PM Revision 23b1539b (iof-bird-daemon): Filters upgraded - a bit. Moved code to filter.c because it ...
it belongs. (f-util.c stays there for auxiliary and non-important things.) Pavel Machek


09:31 PM Revision 7976a574 (iof-bird-daemon): ip_pton: Avoid modification of the string we're converting.
Martin Mares


08:25 PM Revision e2dc2f30 (iof-bird-daemon): Routing table core changes to support full route filtering:
o Introduced rte_cow() which should be used for copying on write the
rte's in filters. Each rte now carries a fla...
Martin Mares
08:17 PM Revision 9e0e485e (iof-bird-daemon): Added some new protocol hooks (look at the comments for bett...
make_tmp_attrs Convert inline attributes to ea_list
store_tmp_attrs Convert ea_list to inline attributes
Martin Mares
08:15 PM Revision 5056c559 (iof-bird-daemon): Changed syntax of attaching filters to protocols to hopefull...
EXPORT <filter-spec> for outbound routes (i.e., those announced
by BIRD to the rest of the world).
Martin Mares
08:10 PM Revision 63a381db (iof-bird-daemon): Several filter changes. (Pavel, please check if they are OK.)
o Changed parameters of f_run. Changed rtein+rteout pair to rte pointer
passed by reference, added ea_list of ...
Martin Mares
08:06 PM Revision d4ff7482 (iof-bird-daemon): Use a more reasonable pool chunk size: 4080 bytes seem to be...
approximation of a integral fraction of page size even if both malloc
overhead and chunk header space is counted.
Martin Mares


01:05 PM Revision c10421d3 (iof-bird-daemon): More changes to the kernel syncer.
o Now compatible with filtering.
o Learning of kernel routes supported only on CONFIG_SELF_CONSCIOUS
systems (on...
Martin Mares
01:01 PM Revision 69ec9087 (iof-bird-daemon): Added new protocol hook for dumping of protocol-dependent route
Please implement in all protocols.
Martin Mares
01:00 PM Revision 73c7bed1 (iof-bird-daemon): Defined CONFIG_SELF_CONSCIOUS whenever the kernel scanner is...
to distinguish between our own routes and alien ones. Martin Mares


01:38 PM Revision fe662dfd (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed `too many interfaces' cases.
Martin Mares
11:45 AM Revision 0498d92f (iof-bird-daemon): Believe it or not, printf()'s does not work too much without...
Pavel Machek


07:23 PM Revision 8cda9cdb (iof-bird-daemon): Argh, the fix was wrong.
Martin Mares
03:35 PM Revision e4241f24 (iof-bird-daemon): Portability fixes.
Martin Mares
03:33 PM Revision abae6e9c (iof-bird-daemon): First few FreeBSD portability fixes.
Martin Mares


08:46 PM Revision 6accdf4f (iof-bird-daemon): Updated the TODO list.
Martin Mares
08:33 PM Revision fb71b23e (iof-bird-daemon): Remember that we can run device syncer without kernel syncer
and vice versa now. Martin Mares
08:28 PM Revision 78d5ec15 (iof-bird-daemon): Please don't commit debugging code which makes BIRD exit bef...
actually starts to happen. Grrr. Martin Mares
08:26 PM Revision e4912e35 (iof-bird-daemon): Prefer `gm4' over `m4' (due to BSD et al.).
Martin Mares
08:21 PM Revision ba921648 (iof-bird-daemon): Update of filters towards new interface.
Pavel Machek
08:14 PM Revision 5bc512aa (iof-bird-daemon): Clarify resource dumps and include them in the main debuggin...
Martin Mares
08:14 PM Revision 3f2a21fd (iof-bird-daemon): Don't try to delete interface routes on CONFIG_AUTO_ROUTES s...
Martin Mares
07:56 PM Revision 6c02d83f (iof-bird-daemon): Added FIXME: If a strange interface appears, ignore it inste...
writing an error message... Martin Mares
07:35 PM Revision f5c687f7 (iof-bird-daemon): Added lp_flush() which flushes contents of a linear pool, le...
memory available for subsequent allocations from the same pool. Both flushing
and re-using the memory costs just few ...
Martin Mares
07:14 PM Revision f54801ff (iof-bird-daemon): Moved all system-dependent #include's containing endianity c...
functions to sysdep header endian.h. Martin Mares
07:13 PM Revision 61340248 (iof-bird-daemon): #define NULL if not defined by system includes.
Martin Mares
07:04 PM Revision 7f400d1c (iof-bird-daemon): After today's lengthy discussions about filter syntax, let's...
whitespace/semicolon rules for whole config file:
o All non-zero amounts of whitespace are equivalent to single ...
Martin Mares


10:51 PM Revision 1127ac6e (iof-bird-daemon): Cleaned up system configuration files -- removed few obsolet...
documented the remaining ones (sysdep/cf/README).
Available configurations:
o linux-20: Old Linux interface via...
Martin Mares


09:50 PM Revision 7dc4827c (iof-bird-daemon): Added everything protocols need to know about multiple routi...
i.e. struct proto now contains field 'table' pointing to routing table
the protocol is attached to. Use this instead ...
Martin Mares
09:44 PM Revision 7e5f5ffd (iof-bird-daemon): Moved to a much more systematic way of configuring kernel pr...
o Nothing is configured automatically. You _need_ to specify
the kernel syncer in config file in order to get i...
Martin Mares
09:38 PM Revision 739ebd8e (iof-bird-daemon): Allow different instances of the same protocol with identica...
Martin Mares
09:37 PM Revision 4ba84ebc (iof-bird-daemon): Slightly better generator of default protocol instance names.
Martin Mares
09:35 PM Revision 241b7311 (iof-bird-daemon): Don't compile OSPF by default.
Martin Mares
09:33 PM Revision b5239f22 (iof-bird-daemon): Don't try to manipulate neighbor lists for copied interface ...
This avoids few nasty references to free memory. Martin Mares

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