From 07/20/1999 to 08/18/1999


01:19 PM Revision bce8a34b (iof-bird-daemon): Few fixme's fixed in rip (will not crash any more on request...
sending routing table - hopefully).
Next few steps in md5 authentication (not yet complete).
Pavel Machek


08:47 PM Revision f6519414 (iof-bird-daemon): Added a function for generating 32-bit random numbers.
Martin Mares


10:32 AM Revision b332fcdf (iof-bird-daemon): Better dumping.
Ondrej Filip


12:06 PM Revision 032df280 (iof-bird-daemon): Small bux fixes. A neigh_chstate added.
Ondrej Filip


06:59 PM Revision a7d388d2 (iof-bird-daemon): Multiple "hton problems" fixed. Now we're in EXSTART state.
Ondrej Filip
06:49 PM Revision 2be22ddb (iof-bird-daemon): "My own IP problem" fixed.
Ondrej Filip
06:34 PM Revision a4c2ee71 (iof-bird-daemon): Bug fix in checksum calculation.
Ondrej Filip
06:11 PM Revision b1693b8f (iof-bird-daemon): Bug in election fixed.
Ondrej Filip
05:58 PM Revision e83dc0d7 (iof-bird-daemon): (Backup) Designated Router election added.
Ondrej Filip
01:03 PM Revision 8c51f96a (iof-bird-daemon): Some interface state machine changes. I found some problem i...
trying to conntact authors. Ondrej Filip


07:57 PM Revision 55e06729 (iof-bird-daemon): Forgot to do a `cvs add', grr.
Martin Mares
07:38 PM Revision d7975d26 (iof-bird-daemon): Ouch, how could I write this?
Martin Mares
07:37 PM Revision 4532a89e (iof-bird-daemon): Taught Netlink how to behave in IPv6 world.
Martin Mares
07:36 PM Revision 4f22c981 (iof-bird-daemon): Support for IPv6 sockets. How nice one doesn't have to ifdef...
ten years of API evolution :-) Martin Mares
07:36 PM Revision dce26783 (iof-bird-daemon): Basic support for IPv6. The system-dependent part doesn't w...
but the core routines are there and seem to be working.
o lib/ipv6.[ch] written
o Lexical analyser recognize...
Martin Mares
07:35 PM Revision 707ef833 (iof-bird-daemon): Pruned the TODO list.
Martin Mares
07:34 PM Revision 9c11ec9e (iof-bird-daemon): Implemented a Table-to-Table protocol a.k.a The Pipe.
Martin Mares
07:33 PM Revision 8c943173 (iof-bird-daemon): Allow announces of rte's to protocols in FS_FEEDING state.
Else, we would get chicken-egg problems in the table-to-table protocol. Martin Mares
07:33 PM Revision 7de45ba4 (iof-bird-daemon): Kernel route syncer supports multiple tables.
The changes are just too extensive for lazy me to list them
there, but see the comment at the top of sysdep/unix/krt....
Martin Mares
07:31 PM Revision 9d885689 (iof-bird-daemon): Protocol engine bug fixes:
o Make proto_config->table always point to the right
table even if it should be the default one.
o When sh...
Martin Mares
07:31 PM Revision b6628a8c (iof-bird-daemon): Added macros for walking lists backwards.
Martin Mares
07:31 PM Revision 9a706f32 (iof-bird-daemon): Added missing structure declarations.
Martin Mares
07:30 PM Revision 8edf2361 (iof-bird-daemon): Cleaned up handling of interface patterns:
o Parsing of interface patterns moved to generic code,
introduced this_ipatt which works similarly to this_ifa...
Martin Mares
07:30 PM Revision 92730354 (iof-bird-daemon): Changes to interface handling on traditional Unices:
o Aliases are interpreted as secondary addresses.
o When the system doesn't supply interface indices, generate
Martin Mares
07:29 PM Revision 5e13ffe6 (iof-bird-daemon): Faster checksum function.
Martin Mares
07:29 PM Revision 913f7dc9 (iof-bird-daemon): Added functions for parsing and formatting of dates.
Martin Mares

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