From 11/04/1999 to 12/03/1999


11:41 AM Revision feed8226 (iof-bird-daemon): Implemented `show static'. It's a relatively good example of...
show commands for other protocols. Martin Mares
11:40 AM Revision 02c1fbdd (iof-bird-daemon): Added proto_get_named() to be used in CLI commands to get pr...
of a given protocol with optionally given name. See `show static' for an
Martin Mares
11:10 AM Revision 28e01f85 (iof-bird-daemon): Renamed SHOW PROTOCOLS VERBOSE to SHOW PROTOCOLS ALL to be c...
with the other commands. Martin Mares


02:04 PM Revision 430da60f (iof-bird-daemon): Implemented `show route where <condition>' command.
Pavel, please check my addition to filter/config.Y. Martin Mares
02:03 PM Revision f2c6c80a (iof-bird-daemon): I tried to turn on the YYERROR_VERBOSE switch, but bison is ...
so it doesn't even compile. Turned it again off and added a comment on it. Martin Mares
12:04 PM Revision efe51e38 (iof-bird-daemon): Avoid `default rule can be matched' warning in CLI state.
Martin Mares


03:17 PM Revision 9c3726af (iof-bird-daemon): Updated TODO file.
Martin Mares
03:10 PM Revision 730f2e2c (iof-bird-daemon): Added dumping of routing tables (`show route'). This include...
Martin Mares
03:08 PM Revision 04a60c68 (iof-bird-daemon): Added get_route_info and show_route_data hooks to struct pro...
Please implement them. Martin Mares
03:07 PM Revision f611f0ee (iof-bird-daemon): Reset temporary parser data before parsing, not afterwards. ...
deferred CLI command handlers to store their temporary data in the CLI
parsing pool.
Martin Mares
03:07 PM Revision 2ad6dcdb (iof-bird-daemon): Make ACCEPT/REJECT actually return the result...
Martin Mares
01:44 PM Revision e7f76bae (iof-bird-daemon): Stupid bug (essentially while(1) loop) occuring sometimes du...
of bird fixed. Pavel Machek
12:54 PM Revision 7e1f9971 (iof-bird-daemon): accept should behave as return, not running any commands aft...
Pavel Machek
12:52 PM Revision 639e6285 (iof-bird-daemon): Actually check sequence numbers.
Pavel Machek
12:01 PM Revision 3daf783f (iof-bird-daemon): Implemented get_status for the pipe protocol (reports name o...
side of the pipe).
Please do so for your protocols as well.
Martin Mares
12:00 PM Revision 9685deb9 (iof-bird-daemon): `show protocols' now shows time of last state change and pro...
status information (obtained via newly introduced hook protocol->get_status). Martin Mares
11:59 AM Revision 5954dcfa (iof-bird-daemon): Introduced new protocol-dependent integer field `aux' to str...
Martin Mares
11:59 AM Revision afa8937a (iof-bird-daemon): Added tm_format_reltime() for formatting of relative time qu...
Martin Mares
11:39 AM Revision 6781e521 (iof-bird-daemon): FIXME's cleaned up: I have actually fixed things without kil...
There are no urgent FIXME's in filters. Perhaps we should start with
Pavel Machek
10:28 AM Revision f2ed663a (iof-bird-daemon): Use linux-22 configuration with all 2.2.x and 2.3.x kernels....
you need to have your kernel compiled with netlink routing messages enabled.
If it doesn't work for you, use --with-s...
Martin Mares


02:04 PM Revision 1d2664a4 (iof-bird-daemon): Remember protocol instance in proto_config and use that for
`show protocols <name>'. Martin Mares
02:03 PM Revision c9aae7f4 (iof-bird-daemon): Lexer supports fallback symbol tables and uses them to recog...
symbols from global config when parsing CLI commands.
cf_lex_init_tables() is now called automatically inside the le...
Martin Mares
02:02 PM Revision f0474f20 (iof-bird-daemon): Use TIME_INFINITY for initialization of password entries ins...
of 2000000000 (BTW who wrote that???) Martin Mares
02:01 PM Revision 487d1afa (iof-bird-daemon): Moved TIME_INFINITY to timer.h, so that it's publicly availa...
Martin Mares
12:57 PM Revision 0d3e6bce (iof-bird-daemon): `show interfaces' and `show protocols' works.
Martin Mares
12:56 PM Revision 10b5baae (iof-bird-daemon): Don't use continuation shortcuts until real client is written.
Martin Mares
10:35 AM Revision 163b2073 (iof-bird-daemon): Inicialisation of Topology Graph (TG).
Ondrej Filip


03:35 PM Revision ae97b946 (iof-bird-daemon): Added few basic commands: show status, show interfaces [summ...
show protocols (incomplete). Martin Mares
03:34 PM Revision 35793769 (iof-bird-daemon): cli_msg() moved to cli.h, so that it can be used outside the...
Martin Mares
03:34 PM Revision ea32afb7 (iof-bird-daemon): Added ip_scope_text() for translating of scopes to strings.
Martin Mares
03:03 PM Revision 1a509a63 (iof-bird-daemon): md5 authentication seems to work.
Pavel Machek
02:54 PM Revision d3702d57 (iof-bird-daemon): Bugfixes: select right password for password authentication,...
try to process authentication blocks as datablocks, make it possible
to add data at end of packet. Password authentic...
Pavel Machek
01:42 PM Revision 4aa885a5 (iof-bird-daemon): Filters: fix rta access to use ->aux field.
Pavel Machek
01:38 PM Revision 7e61cac3 (iof-bird-daemon): Triggered updates should now actually work. Fixed metric=16 ...
out logic. Pavel Machek
12:01 PM Revision 774f1499 (iof-bird-daemon): Fix timeouts. Triggered updates are not done, yet.
Pavel Machek


12:16 PM Revision 455ca441 (iof-bird-daemon): Check that prefixes are really prefixes + fix config file to
comply. (:-( looks nicer than Pavel Machek
12:09 PM Revision 8f013d9c (iof-bird-daemon): Sorry, previous commit did not even compile.
Pavel Machek
12:04 PM Revision 48f9e019 (iof-bird-daemon): Filters: write access to dynamic attributes should actually ...
would be nice to find method of testing such beasts. Pavel Machek


02:41 PM Revision 99bbd23b (iof-bird-daemon): More CLI plans...
Martin Mares
02:41 PM Revision 8d24b689 (iof-bird-daemon): Allow EA type to be set to 'undefined' which overrides all f...
of that EA in the same list and causes ea_find() to fail unless you add
EA_ALLOW_UNDEF to the second argument.
Martin Mares
02:29 PM Revision f31156ca (iof-bird-daemon): Filters: first parts of extended attributes being read-write...
not actually work since I do not do rta/rte cow, yet. Pavel Machek
02:01 PM Revision c7b43f33 (iof-bird-daemon): Split inst->code into inst->code and inst->aux. Both are onl...
so aux is suitable for storing type but not much more. Pavel Machek
01:42 PM Revision da40b6f7 (iof-bird-daemon): DEF_PREF_UKR and DEF_PREF_SINK removed.
Martin Mares
01:21 PM Revision 346a12c2 (iof-bird-daemon): You can now print enum.
Pavel Machek


03:50 PM Revision 4364b47e (iof-bird-daemon): ospf.c and ospc.h splitted into various files.
Ondrej Filip
02:58 PM Revision bff1db76 (iof-bird-daemon): Added skeleton of command tree. Please inspect.
Martin Mares
01:28 PM Revision 2af2636a (iof-bird-daemon): Another bugfix. (In EXCHANGE state.)
Ondrej Filip
01:15 PM Revision e17baa31 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed bug receiving dbdes packets in EXSTART state.
Ondrej Filip
12:14 PM Revision 62a46395 (iof-bird-daemon): Added some temporary examples of how to define CLI commands ...
To define a new command, just add a new rule to the gramar:
CF_CLI(COMMAND NAME, arguments, help-args, help-text) {...
Martin Mares
12:04 PM Revision 30770df2 (iof-bird-daemon): If the main event queue is not empty, call select() with zer...
that the events are ran again after the FD's are checked. This allows us
to schedule I/O checks between processing of...
Martin Mares
12:01 PM Revision 84a7d7f7 (iof-bird-daemon): ev_run() now returns whether the event has been requeued or ...
ev_run_list() now returns number of events which remain in the list. Martin Mares
12:00 PM Revision ffb59d24 (iof-bird-daemon): Command line interface now works.
Martin Mares
11:16 AM Revision ea9bb932 (iof-bird-daemon): Commented out nexthop selection, see the comment.
Martin Mares


11:36 AM Revision 7d509304 (iof-bird-daemon): An example of how to define enums.
Martin Mares
11:36 AM Revision fd54b602 (iof-bird-daemon): ENUM's are now recognized as constants.
Martin Mares
11:35 AM Revision 944f008a (iof-bird-daemon): Defined CF_ENUM.
Martin Mares
11:34 AM Revision cbc31830 (iof-bird-daemon): SYM_STAT is gone.
Martin Mares


01:55 PM Revision 4515bdba (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed order of arguments for function call.
Enumeration types should work once CF_ENUM() is ready.
Created test.conf for testing of filters. (I'm currently thin...
Pavel Machek
01:27 PM Revision 4ed8718a (iof-bird-daemon): Shift/reduce conflict goes away _and_ if/then/else works.
Pavel Machek


04:06 PM Revision 986e3413 (iof-bird-daemon): Sending DBDES packet in EXSTART done.
Ondrej Filip
01:59 PM Revision 1183b6b2 (iof-bird-daemon): Enums do not work, this is testcase.
Pavel Machek
01:44 PM Revision cb8034f4 (iof-bird-daemon): First try on enumerational types.
Mj's noassoc removed: this brings back shift/reduce conflict but
it makes parser actually work. Mj please check it. I...
Pavel Machek
01:07 PM Revision 2f702671 (iof-bird-daemon): No more shift/reduce conflicts.
Pavel Machek
01:05 PM Revision 49955645 (iof-bird-daemon): Shift/reduce conflicts in IF/THEN/ELSE rules solved.
Martin Mares
12:44 PM Revision f4536657 (iof-bird-daemon): Enumerational types, defined keyword added.
Pavel Machek
12:27 PM Revision 6ba36f06 (iof-bird-daemon): Added LSA hashing table (parts of code stolen from rt-fib.c,...
heavily simplified since we don't need asynchronous walking). Martin Mares
11:52 AM Revision 3918b1b0 (iof-bird-daemon): Added timeout for routes (which means proper expiring of rou...
few fixmes. Pavel Machek
10:48 AM Revision 024dcaae (iof-bird-daemon): Added project status report for KSVI.
Martin Mares


02:39 PM Revision a5b583f2 (iof-bird-daemon): FIXME's updated. One fixme is remaining for correct RIPv4. Wow.
Pavel Machek
02:26 PM Revision 7bf19253 (iof-bird-daemon): Reject packets which are not authenticated.
Set correct nexthop on outgoing packets. Pavel Machek
02:05 PM Revision 3c989eb4 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixed comments about shift/reduce conflicts.
Pavel Machek
02:03 PM Revision ae3e1af2 (iof-bird-daemon): Add possibility of local variables.
Pavel Machek
02:03 PM Revision f30b25f9 (iof-bird-daemon): Use local variables to test that functionality.
Pavel Machek
01:53 PM Revision df8b85e3 (iof-bird-daemon): Silly bug.
Martin Mares
01:51 PM Revision c8f61a01 (iof-bird-daemon): Symbols are not scoped.
Martin Mares
01:33 PM Revision 91447965 (iof-bird-daemon): Possibility to access first extended attributes.
Pavel Machek
01:29 PM Revision 2727bb7c (iof-bird-daemon): Renamed attr->attrs to attr->eattrs.
Martin Mares

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