From 12/17/1999 to 01/15/2000


12:03 AM Revision 15087574 (iof-bird-daemon): Preparing for building LS databaze. Huh, why is it so compli...
Adding definition of some constants. Ondrej Filip


07:14 PM Revision 7a7c1d9f (iof-bird-daemon): Few more entries for bird documentation
Pavel Machek


08:41 PM Revision c8c0f624 (iof-bird-daemon): This is first version of documentation. Be sure to take a cl...
at it, and it would be very nice if you wrote at least introductions
to your chapters...
Pavel Machek
08:39 PM Revision 60d7d10e (iof-bird-daemon): Added fixme.
Pavel Machek

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