From 07/28/2003 to 08/26/2003


10:41 AM Revision c11007bc (iof-bird-daemon): Endian-related bug fixes sent by Krzysztof Szuster <kszuster...
Ondrej Filip


10:47 AM Revision 1d1a3c1c (iof-bird-daemon): Minor OSPF changes for faster startup.
Ondrej Filip
10:42 AM Revision baa5dd6c (iof-bird-daemon): Many spelling mistakes fixed.
Thanks you Harry Moyes. Ondrej Filip


10:07 PM Revision c197d44e (iof-bird-daemon): This probably IS the memory leak we're looking for. Alien ro...
correctly disposed of. Martin Mares
08:04 PM Revision 13b75bac (iof-bird-daemon): protocol->import_control() could potentially call rte_cow() ...
AFAIK it doesn't happen in any of our protocol, but better be sure. Martin Mares
07:31 PM Revision 2adab6ae (iof-bird-daemon): This was a potential memory leak, but not the one Feela obse...
This one could happen when an import filter of some protocol modified
the rte (so that it would be rte_cow()ed) and l...
Martin Mares

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