From 01/23/2009 to 02/21/2009


09:46 PM Revision 82ba9032 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes crash during some expressions
Bird crashed when 'bgp_path.len' was used for routes that does
not came from BGP.
Ondrej Zajicek
04:47 PM Revision cd17c651 (iof-bird-daemon): Add format for BGP_AGGREGATOR attribute
Ondrej Zajicek
03:20 PM Revision 25cb9f1d (iof-bird-daemon): Fix bug in empty bgp mask handling
Ondrej Zajicek


08:53 PM Revision e312bb40 (iof-bird-daemon): Documentation update
Ondrej Zajicek
06:46 PM Revision d901db3f (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes bug in packet retransmissions.
When packet was lost during dbdes exchange, slave did not retransmit
it. That leads to OSPF connection locked in stat...
Ondrej Zajicek
12:43 PM Revision b807ef9a (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes bug in protocol state machine
Scheduling flush must be done before resource pool freeing as it
frees some allocated list nodes from a global list.
Ondrej Zajicek
12:41 PM Revision 80ac7dc1 (iof-bird-daemon): Do not use ? for client-side help when in new BGP path syntax
Ondrej Zajicek


04:35 PM Revision f9491630 (iof-bird-daemon): New syntax for bgp_path
Ondrej Zajicek

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