From 01/16/2012 to 02/14/2012


10:50 AM Revision 46c1a583 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes a bug causing crash during soft reconfiguration of exp...
Ondrej Zajicek


10:31 AM Revision 39c028e9 (iof-bird-daemon): Assign default protocol preference via proto_config_new().
The patch from Alexander V. Chernikov. Ondrej Zajicek


02:15 AM Revision 09686693 (iof-bird-daemon): Implements handling of BSD iface arrival/departure notificat...
Thanks to Alexander V. Chernikov for original patch. Ondrej Zajicek
12:26 AM Revision 732a0a25 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes problems with creating/removing/renaming ifaces on BSD.
Ondrej Zajicek


10:03 AM Revision 5c78e0e3 (iof-bird-daemon): Some more verbose warnings.
Ondrej Zajicek


09:56 PM Revision bc092571 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes another minor bug in iface scan.
Iface flags are not updated in some cases. Ondrej Zajicek
09:41 PM Revision b573755d (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes a bug in BSD iface scan.
if_update() should be called always, because periodic iface scan code
removes all not-updated ifaces.
Ondrej Zajicek


05:16 PM Revision 544f2e1b (iof-bird-daemon): NEWS and version update.
Ondrej Zajicek
03:20 PM Revision 3ce17142 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes a new bug in BGP route ordering.
Ondrej Zajicek

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