From 01/24/2015 to 02/22/2015


07:14 PM Revision 9c89560e (iof-bird-daemon): Use IP_PORTRANGE_HIGH for BFD where available
Ondrej Zajicek
04:21 PM Revision 6cf72d7a (iof-bird-daemon): Rename BGP option 'start delay' to 'connect delay'
Also update log message for error-triggered startup delay. Ondrej Zajicek
12:50 PM Revision a1beb8f3 (iof-bird-daemon): Relax BGP neighbor parameter
Permit specifying neighbor address, AS number and port independently.
Add 'interface' parameter for specifying interf...
Ondrej Zajicek


08:19 PM Revision 86c3eea0 (iof-bird-daemon): Use AF_UNSPEC for RTM_GETLINK
This value is specified in documentation. Ondrej Zajicek
08:08 PM Revision 2bbc3083 (iof-bird-daemon): Store protocol config size inside protocol structure
Make proto_config_new() use this info instead of supplied size.
Thanks to Alexander V. Chernikov for the patch.
Ondrej Zajicek
07:55 PM Revision 374917ad (iof-bird-daemon): Make BGP protocol instance search a separate function
Thanks to Alexander V. Chernikov for the patch. Ondrej Zajicek
07:11 PM Revision 6264aad1 (iof-bird-daemon): Minor fixes
Pavel Tvrdík
07:07 PM Revision 85a3639d (iof-bird-daemon): Better Clang compatibility
Pavel Tvrdik
06:38 PM Revision 7d37bf79 (iof-bird-daemon): Remove a comparison of unsigned expression < 0
Pavel Tvrdik
06:32 PM Revision e598853e (iof-bird-daemon): Add const to a param msg at functions log_msg, log_rl, die, ...
Pavel Tvrdik
06:31 PM Revision 4a591d4b (iof-bird-daemon): Replacing GNU old-style field designator extension
Pavel Tvrdik
01:52 PM Revision 8ce9a877 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes minor bug in BFD.
Thanks to Pavel Tvrdik for noticing it. Ondrej Zajicek
01:05 PM Revision 51762a45 (iof-bird-daemon): Allows user data attached to f_trie_node structure.
Thanks to Alexander Chernikov for the patch. Ondrej Zajicek
11:42 AM Revision bc7f4e0e (iof-bird-daemon): Bump max symbol length to 64.
And move the constant to conf.h header.
Thanks to Alexander Chernikov for the patch.
Ondrej Zajicek
11:30 AM Revision ab006391 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes a bug in locking code.
When multiple protocols have a lock for the same IP address, it crashes
under some circumstances.
Thanks to Matthias...
Ondrej Zajicek
11:24 AM Revision dfc7a6c6 (iof-bird-daemon): Fixes potential alignment bug in BGP.
Thanks to Andrew ( for the bug report. Ondrej Zajicek
11:15 AM Revision 523f020b (iof-bird-daemon): Link state support in BGP.
Configurable fast shutdown of a BGP session when an interface loses link. Ondrej Zajicek
10:39 AM Revision 7730553b (iof-bird-daemon): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/soft-int'
Ondrej Zajicek

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