From 06/29/2015 to 07/28/2015


01:08 PM Revision c7b99a93 (iof-bird-daemon): Nest: Fixes one of previous commit
Ondrej Zajicek
10:56 AM Revision dbf4c0cb (iof-bird-daemon): Minor update to test commits
Ondrej Zajicek
10:36 AM Revision 641172c6 (iof-bird-daemon): Netlink: Fixes uninitialized variable
Thanks to Pavel Tvrdik for the bugfix Ondrej Zajicek


04:02 PM Revision 538264cf (iof-bird-daemon): Static: Support for BFD controlled static routes
Ondrej Zajicek


03:11 PM Revision 1321e12a (iof-bird-daemon): Static: Allows to specify attributes for static routes
The patch adds suport for specifying route attributes together with
static routes, e.g.:
route via 10.0...
Ondrej Zajicek


09:39 AM Revision ffa398b8 (iof-bird-daemon): BFD: Fixes crash after socket error
Thanks to Thomas King for the bugreport. Ondrej Zajicek


09:15 PM Revision a8ad8fd6 (iof-bird-daemon): Simplify build messages
Thanks to Christian Tacke for the original patch. Ondrej Zajicek
05:30 PM Revision 17661ff9 (iof-bird-daemon): Nest: Fixes symbols in router id
Thanks to Peter Hudec for noticing the problem. Ondrej Zajicek
05:05 PM Revision 6683d42d (iof-bird-daemon): Documentation update
Ondrej Zajicek
11:38 AM Revision 06e0d1b6 (iof-bird-daemon): BGP: Extended messages support
Implements draft-ietf-idr-bgp-extended-messages-10, for now
undocumented and with temporary private capability number.
Ondrej Zajicek
11:05 AM Revision ab4da342 (iof-bird-daemon): Direct: Fixes behavior for the same routes on different inte...
Thanks to Andrew ( for the bug report. Ondrej Zajicek

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