From 10/07/2015 to 11/05/2015


11:48 AM Revision fe9f1a6d (iof-bird-daemon): Initial commit on integrated BIRD
New data types net_addr and variants (in lib/net.h) describing
network addresses (prefix/pxlen). Modifications of FIB...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


10:27 AM Revision 3aed0a6f (iof-bird-daemon): IO: Fix the previous bugfix
I should check it after making some trivial changes. The original patch
from Alexander has it right.
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
10:08 AM Revision 338f85ca (iof-bird-daemon): IO: Handle fd values too big for select()
If the number of sockets is too much for select(), we should at least
handle it with proper error messages and reject...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


12:44 PM Revision 8eb8e546 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into rip-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:43 PM Revision acb04cfd (iof-bird-daemon): Minor changes
Ondrej Zajicek (work)

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