From 10/17/2016 to 11/15/2016


03:24 PM Revision 261816b0 (iof-bird-daemon): BGP: Cluster list item should be prepended
Commit 3c09af41... changed behavior of int_set_add() from prepend to
append, which makes more sense for community lis...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


04:43 PM Revision 5e3cd0e5 (iof-bird-daemon): Birdtest: Replace BT_SUCCESS and BT_FAILURE with 1 and 0
Pavel Tvrdik
04:03 PM Revision fa71b268 (iof-bird-daemon): Birdtest: Put hard new lines for strict line width
This patch ensures width of output lines from testing framework (not
debug output). So output piped lined into file t...
Pavel Tvrdik
04:02 PM Revision fd328869 (iof-bird-daemon): birdtest: Fix no-forked mode in trie_test
Pavel Tvrdik


06:09 PM Revision 101c5a50 (iof-bird-daemon): Filter: Add long community tests
Based on Pavel Tvrdik's int-test-lc branch. Ondrej Zajicek (work)
03:36 PM Revision 9b0a0ba9 (iof-bird-daemon): Unit Testing for BIRD
- Unit Testing Framework (BirdTest)
- Integration of BirdTest into the BIRD build system
- Tests for several BIRD m...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


06:27 PM Revision 8860e991 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
04:46 PM Revision c8cafc8e (iof-bird-daemon): Minor code cleanups
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
04:04 PM Revision cc5b93f7 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge tag 'v1.6.2' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


08:53 AM Revision 920a86e8 (iof-bird-daemon): Add missing extern
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


04:53 PM Revision 390601f0 (iof-bird-daemon): RIP: Use message authentication interface
Based on former commit from Pavel Tvrdik Ondrej Zajicek (work)
04:53 PM Revision 29239ba2 (iof-bird-daemon): OSPF: Use message authentication interface
Based on former commit from Pavel Tvrdik Ondrej Zajicek (work)
04:53 PM Revision e03dc6a9 (iof-bird-daemon): BFD: Authentication
Implement BFD authentication (part of RFC 5880). Supports plaintext
passwords and cryptographic MD5 / SHA-1 authentic...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
03:23 PM Revision 64385aee (iof-bird-daemon): DOC: Password algorithm option
Pavel Tvrdík
03:23 PM Revision 56cb3bed (iof-bird-daemon): Nest: Add support for MAC algorithms in grammar
Pavel Tvrdík
03:23 PM Revision de2a27e2 (iof-bird-daemon): Add generic message authentication interface
Add generic interface for generating and verifying MACs (message
authentication codes). Replace multiple HMAC impleme...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


03:20 PM Revision 7eec3988 (iof-bird-daemon): BSD: Fix build on OpenBSD broken by previous commit
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
01:52 PM Revision 3e236955 (iof-bird-daemon): Build: switch on -Wextra, get rid of most of the warnings
There are several unresolved -Wmissing-field-initializers on older
versions of GCC than 5.1, all of them false positive.
Jan Moskyto Matejka
10:37 AM Revision 17fe57d8 (iof-bird-daemon): Log: Fix broken syslog name
BIRD passed string from configuration to openlog(), which kept it
internally. After reconfiguration the old string wa...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


09:08 AM Revision 3213273d (iof-bird-daemon): IANA assigned a different number to large BGP communities - ...
Ondrej Filip


11:06 AM Revision c68e8cd3 (iof-bird-daemon): Filter: Minor formatting changes in test.conf
Ondrej Zajicek (work)

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