From 05/11/2017 to 06/09/2017


12:33 PM Revision 145ebfa1 (iof-bird-daemon): Babel: Parse sub-TLVs and skip TLVs with mandatory sub-TLV
RFC6126bis formally introduces sub-TLVs to the Babel protocol, including
mandatory sub-TLVs. This adds support for pa...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
11:00 AM Revision b3c6273e (iof-bird-daemon): Babel: Implement IPv6 prefix compression on outgoing updates
Previously, the Babel protocol would never use prefix compression on outgoing
updates (but would parse it on incoming...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
09:56 AM Revision 300bd0eb (iof-bird-daemon): Babel: Add documentation for dual-stack operation and options
This updates the documentation for the Babel protocol to mention the fact
that it now supports dual-stack operation, ...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


10:18 AM Revision 4324025f (iof-bird-daemon): Babel: Add support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 operation
This adds support for dual-stack v4/v6 operation to the Babel protocol.
Routing messages will be exchanged over IPv6,...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


12:12 PM Revision 801fd81e (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:11 PM Revision 33f7fbc4 (iof-bird-daemon): CLI: Fix bug in symbol handling introduced in previous patches
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


12:44 PM Revision 77810030 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:43 PM Revision 4fec4306 (iof-bird-daemon): Workaround for older bisons
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


09:37 PM Revision a1dc5267 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
09:30 PM Revision b7761af3 (iof-bird-daemon): Conf: Replace keyword and symbol hash table with generic has...
The old hash table had fixed size, which makes it slow for config files
with large number of symbols and symbol looku...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


04:45 PM Revision 4b2aef88 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
04:39 PM Revision c72b660b (iof-bird-daemon): Client: Fix isspace() calls
Function isspace() expects to get *unsigned* chars (encoded as ints),
not that it matters for plain ASCII.
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
03:40 PM Revision 6aaaa635 (iof-bird-daemon): Change parser to handle numbers as unsigned
Lexer always parsed numbers as unsigned, but parser handled them as
signed and grammar contained many unnecessary che...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
01:59 PM Revision 0705a1c5 (iof-bird-daemon): Add a hint for an invalid IP prefix
bird> eval
Invalid IPv4 prefix, maybe you wanted
bird> eval 1000:20...
Pavel Tvrdik
11:12 AM Revision 734e9fb8 (iof-bird-daemon): Minor cleanups and fixes
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


10:36 PM Revision bb7aa06a (iof-bird-daemon): Fix type mixing in flowspec formatting
Variable of u64 type was passed to vararg function as uint. Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:51 PM Revision e521150b (iof-bird-daemon): Fix VPN-RD parsing on 32-bit systems
When shift count >= width of type the behavior is undefined. Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:28 PM Revision 5a9169e1 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:26 PM Revision 78e4dac9 (iof-bird-daemon): Fix some forgotten warnings
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
11:29 AM Revision 7d5e61a6 (iof-bird-daemon): Fix of the previous fix
Avoid empty macro argument to avoid default behavior. Ondrej Zajicek (work)
10:05 AM Revision 271fa063 (iof-bird-daemon): Fix minor bug in configure script
Space in action branch breaks build on some platforms. Ondrej Zajicek (work)


03:37 PM Revision 9b701e69 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
03:30 PM Revision d6e01ff9 (iof-bird-daemon): Fix of the previous commit
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
03:03 PM Revision dab6706a (iof-bird-daemon): History lib may be integrated to Readline lib
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
02:21 PM Revision 81edd3b3 (iof-bird-daemon): Fix build on systems with dirty headers
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:50 PM Revision d19617f0 (iof-bird-daemon): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/int-new' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
12:38 PM Revision 144c10fa (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
11:17 AM Revision a01e951d (iof-bird-daemon): One more configure cleanup
Simplify BIRD client library checks, add proper devel header checks and
prefer dependency on just tinfo than full ncu...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


01:48 PM Revision 31874783 (iof-bird-daemon): Client: manipulate history only if interactive
Jan Moskyto Matejka
01:34 PM Revision 05d47bd5 (iof-bird-daemon): Linpool: default allocation size
Jan Moskyto Matejka
01:34 PM Revision b880e3ff (iof-bird-daemon): Bird readline client saves its history.
Jan Moskyto Matejka
12:56 PM Revision 1c5b4c5d (iof-bird-daemon): Merge branch 'master' into int-new
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
11:05 AM Revision b845ea09 (iof-bird-daemon): Remove autoconf macros for time_t and alignment
Replaced by constant compile-time expressions. CPU_STRUCT_ALIGN is not
really correct, but is consistent with the old...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
11:04 AM Revision b81a73d1 (iof-bird-daemon): Minor autoconf cleanups
Make indentation and quotation consistent in configure macros.
Also remove --with-sysinclude option, which was broken...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
10:59 AM Revision e40542ef (iof-bird-daemon): Minor autoconf cleanup and documentation update
Ondrej Zajicek (work)
10:59 AM Revision c253ec3a (iof-bird-daemon): Some more autoconf cleanups
Replace integer type width detection with C99 fixed-width types.
Also remove some unused or obsolete code.
Thanks to...
Ondrej Zajicek (work)


10:10 AM Revision f8d44b01 (iof-bird-daemon): Nest: split route show into separate file
Jan Moskyto Matejka

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